January 30, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Morning all, really fast post, I have to be at work on an hour ... Just thought I would share the card I made below ... Hope ya'll are having a good day! See ya tomorrow ....

Thanks for stopping by!

January 28, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

Hi all .... Just thought I would pop in real fast and share this card with ya'll, she's my new Valentines Day stamp. Not sure you can see it, but I used some glitter on her wings, it's really cute in person. I also used some smoochs on the flower basket and some crystal shinny stuffs on her dress. I used my Copics but can't remember the colors. I really need to get it together and write down what I'm using as I'm creating my cards. So may of my blogging buddies are so good about that, I guess I'm lazy ....

I've been so busy that crafty stuffs exploded in my scrapbook room, I really need to get it organized. Once again I'm way to lazy. Perhaps I need to call my niece in law to help, she's a good cleaner. I've been so busy with school and work, that when I have free time I don't feel like doing anything ... that's when I have free time....

Well, in other news, I'm 30 pounds away from my goal weight, once I reach my goal weight, I would have lost 145 pounds ...

I'm hoping to lose the last 30 pounds by April, my birthday! Go Toni, Go Toni .... woot, I can do it ...... I'll share pics when I've lost all my weight, I really hate taking pictures ...

Stefani and I watched Dinner for Schmucks, OMGoodness, it was so funny! Steve Carall is so funny! hehehe I think I'm going to buy that movie!

Thanks for stopping by friends, hope you enjoyed my Valentines Day card!

January 25, 2011

Little Heart Card

Hello all
Just thought I would do a quick post, i'm getting ready to go to work .... I love the sound of that ... work! The card below was made at my favorite stamp store, actually my daughter Stefani made it while I was shoping. She had some help from one of the ladies, but Stefani did most of it herself. I think it came out pretty good!

My Steffers enjoys making cards at the stamp store, but isn't really interested in it at home. Oh well, her thing is puzzles. Well like I said, it's a short post, gotta head out! think i might head to Michaels tomorrow seeing that i'm off. Oh yeah, i've got homework to do too ... that comes first, then Michaels.... I have a Valentines day card that I made today, i'll post tomorrow.

Thanks for stoping by and visiting my blog! Hope ya'll have a great Tuesday!~ Ta Ta for now!

January 17, 2011

Birthday Princess

Hi all and Happy Monday - well happy Martin Luther King Day! Today is my Stefani's favorite day! she loves MLK, we usually have a really good dinner (tonight was pot roast) and cake and celebrate his life. So in between doing homework, cleaning the house and running some errands, I was able to create this little card.

I have been working so much that I haven't had much time for anything. I was suppose to meet up with some of my girlfriends this past week and have some lunch, but things didn't work out. I use to work with them and now that we don't see each other everyday, it's hard to plan out a time to meet. I miss them like crazy though. Us girls some good times.

I was suppose to meet up with another friend today, but that didn't work out either, just as well that we didn't meet up today, I already have so much homework ... I have 3 classed this semester ... eek, I hope I didn't bit off more than I can chew!

So I call this little card the Blue Princess, isn't she cute?? I used my copics and some of that crystal stuffs to make her shine .... I used some glitter on the wings and some Smoochs on the stars and shoes. well time to go and finish the laundry, hope you all are having a great Monday! Ta Ta for now!

January 13, 2011

Thank You's

Hello all .... it's this little stamp so cute? I love it, I tend to flock to the really whimsical stamps ...
I used this stamp for a few Thank You notes and get well notes I needed to
 get out. Its hard to see but I used some crystel stuffs on her to make her shinny. I swear that I'm no good at taking pictures, the card looks really good in person.

Well the new year has begun and is going well, still haning on to the words that everyone has told me, God will provide...... he's an awesome God so I know that he will never let me fall!

I have one other Christmas card that I made and never posted, I'll try and post it tomorrow ... School nis starting next week and I have to get my books, they are so expensive ... I've applied for finanical aid, and have to met with the dean within the next week, i hope i'm approved ... well thanks for stoping by, i'm off to make some dinner for my Steffers, I have to work tonight! thanks for stopping by!