November 13, 2009

Bee-utiful Day!

Happy Friday everyone!
It's a beautifual day here in Nor Cal, it's a tad bit chilly, but I love it, it smells like Christmas ... some people down the street from me already have their Christmas lights up.... I love this time of year.

Well I have been so busy with school but this semester is coming to an end and I can't wait. I love the classes that I took, but I'm ready for a break, this semester was brutal and noext semester will only get worse, I have to take 3 class and a field work class - yikes .. but the good thing is that I will have the first half of school completed ... yay me!

LOL i forgot that I had this little stamp on my collection, I was looking for my Ladybug stamp but found this little guy. I think it's so cute, it's actually 2 stamps, the hive and the little bee ... I made the little black dots with my copic marker... Hope you enjoy!