December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hello Friends and Merry Christmas ..... This has been on long and rough year, but I'm happy say that without my faith, I probably wouldn't have made it through... God is Good and I have to keep reminding myself that ... Even though things are not happening as fast as I want or need them too, they will happen in Gods time ... I would like to Thank all of my friends for their support and kindness and encouragement, it means the world to me.....

 I made several cards this year, the one above was the pretty easy, I used my cuttle bug and weaved the wreath. I added some little beads and ta da .... we have a Christmas Card! Hope you enjoy it!

This card was a bit more time consuming, it's a door, I added some red ink around the panels and some glitter. I also added a wreath and a little sign on the door handle. I think this one came out pretty cute!

This one was so easy, the hardest part was the weaving of the wreath .... I added some red dots and a red bow and like magic, wah la, the card is complete! Well short post today, I have lots of things to do, laundry, cleaning the house, donate some old clothes and clean the gutters out ... eek, not looking forward to that one! hehehehehe

Wishing all of my friends the warmest Holiday and a Happy New Year!

December 8, 2010

Gone Fishing

Hello Blogging friends .... I've been gone for a bit, but i'm back .... I'm coming down to the wire with school and feeling pretty good. I'm already registered for next semester and i'm taking 3 classes ... eek, i'm nervous but i'm sure i'll do fine. It's been cold and raining here and i love it. Winter and Spring are my favorite seasons ... well on to my card

I made this little guy with a special person in mind, it's my friend Doug's birthday today (Happy Birthday Doug), he and his wife Darlene are so special to me ... I love them so much.. I have known them forever, in fact one of their daughter's Dee use to babysit my daughter Stefani ... I'm so blessed that we stayed in tough all these years. I love them dearly!

I used my copics on this little guy, I used my smoochs on the frog in the pocket, but it didn't come out the way I wanted it too, but i'm a work in progress ... hehehe I guess it was a trial in error. well, I guess I should go and work on my Christmas cards ... thanks for stopping by!

November 20, 2010

Ahem, I'm Officially A Phi Theta Kappa

Ahem, look what I got in the mail today .... Yep, it's my certificate that announces that i'm offically a Phi Theta Kappa! I'm so excited .... well short post today, I've running om 2 hours of sleep, I've been up for almost 31 hours. I did a 14 hour shift yesterday/last night and then we (my Momma and Stefani and I) went to the Harvest Festival in Sacramento, it was fun, but I'm so tired. After we left Sac, we went to go and eat ... anywho, I'm headed to bed ... night all, just wanted to share...

November 19, 2010

Gone To Long

Hi friends
sorry that I haven't been a good blogging buddy, I have been so busy with school and interning it's been crazy. The good thing is that I got the on call position with the place that I'm interning at, the bad thing is that my unemployment is running out and the republicans blocked the extension so that means on Nov 30, if they don't pass another extension, 2.2 million people will lose their benefits (including me) ... eek ....

I have been so stressed that I haven't been sleeping well, not to mention that I have been working 12, 14 and 16 hour shift for my orentation ... I'm so tired ... but very thankful that i'm working even though it's only on call .... I feel like i'm going to be blessed any minute so I can keep my house. Well it's Friday and I'm getting ready to leave for another 12 hour shift .... thanks for stopping by and I'll post something soon!

November 10, 2010

A Geisha Kinda Day

Happy Wednesday all and thanks for stopping buy! I've been trying to get back into my crafty self lately and it seems to be working. I've been in my craft room creating all kinds of things, some creations are so cute and then some don't turn out the way I planned, it's like I couldn't relay my thoughts from my head to actually creating something. Does that every happen to anyone else??

My friends Gma is doing better, she was moved from ICU to a room with other patients which is a good sign, this means that she is responding to therapy and speech therapy... Thanks to all who prayed for her.

On to my little creation! This is my little Geisha Anya, I just love her. I used my copics on her and some of  that glossy stuffs to help her shine!

I stamped to images of her, one to color and the other was to cut out the flower in her hair to give her that 3D image. I used my grey copics and then got my white gel pin and made a few wisps to give her that aged look. Well at least that's what I was trying to do. It's kind of hard to see, but I used some glitter gel on the designer paper to help that pop out .... Well I'm off for now, Stefani and I are going to make some cookies for my Dad .... Thanks again for stopping by and I hope ya'll have a great day!

November 8, 2010

An Apple A Day

Hi all, thanks for stopping by. Today was a funky kind of day, you see it's been 5 years today that my Nana passed, so i was kind of in a funny mood. I know to some it may be silly that I still morn her death, but I would give anything to have her here with me. She was a strong yet caring (in her own way) person. I remember when I would drive to go and see her, she was always in her room watching TV. I knew it would be a good day when she opened this "One" special drawer! Man that drawer always had good stuffs in it, candy, cards, note pads, little bottles of soda etc ... as old as I am, I would still get excited when she would bend down to open that drawer. Man I miss that!

Then today, a friend called me and told me that his grandmother had a stroke and isn't doing to well, although she is responding to speech therapy. I wanted to cry when he was telling me this, but i held it together and just listened to him. Ok, enough of the sad sappy stuffs, I made the little card today, I thinks it's so cute!

This is my little Anya Teacher stamp, I used several different colors on her, I used my copics and some designer paper I got from one of my fav scrapbook stores .... I also used some red smoochs to color the apple, kind of gives it the glossy look. Well I hope you enjoyed my card and thanks again for stopping by!

November 1, 2010

Wow, November Already!

Wow, I can't believe that it's already November, where has the time gone? This means I have been out of a job for almost 2 years ... what the heck, I never thought I would be out of a job for TWO years... but I know that God has something in store for me, it's just not the right time yet, but I hope he beings me something fast, time and money is running out! eek! Well enough about that, how bout the little card below? isn't she cute, I don't think she's really snow white, but she looks like her. I don't recall Snow White kissing a frog, I think it was the newest Disney Princess ....

I colored her with my Prima color pencils and used some gamsol to blend it in, I was looking for my Disney paper, but couldn't find it, that means I need to clean out my scrapbook room, I know I have tons of Disney paper ...

Well short post today, I have to get ready to go and intern, thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy my little card!

October 27, 2010

Stella .......

Hi all and Happy Wednesday! the weather is awesome, it's nice and cool and I have meatloaf in the oven and getting ready to make some chocolate cupcakes .... I love this weather. Anyways, I made this little card the other night when I couldn't sleep, it's not the best, but I think it's cute. I used my Stella (Anya stamp) and added the little scooter. I got the scooter stamp at Michaels for a dollar! Awesome ... right? I also used some flower ribbon that I got from Joann's fabric store. Hope ya'll enjoy!

The pic below is my little Steffers well I guess she's not that little, she's going to be 25 in April. Man, I can't believe that, 25 ... where has the time gone?? She doesn't look 25 though, any who, she's still my baby! We where at Mainely Stamping, out fav stampin store ... Stefani love to go and do the make and takes. My Steffers isn't really into making cards, but she does enjoy going and doing the make and takes.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the card that I made and the picture of Stefani making hers, I was trying to post her finished product, but for some reason it wouldn't post ... anyways,  thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Wednesday! I'm off to eat, finish the cupcakes and then head out to my internship! night all :)

October 23, 2010

Think Pink

Well it's that time of the year ... but really we should Think Pink all year long. I lost my beloved Nana in 2005 to this ugly disease, it makes me so sad, in this day and age we should have some kind of cure. So many women (and some men) fall to Breast Cancer and it devastates the family left behind!

It took me a few days to complete this card, call me sappy, but it was very emotional for me, I love and miss my Nana everyday .... so with this, I proudly walk in memory of my Nana!

I believe that one day there will be a cure, unfortunately it came to late for my Nana, but someday the cure will save someone else's Nana, mother, daughter, cousin. niece etc...... so lets Think Pink all year long .............. Thanks for stoping by

October 22, 2010

Fall is Here

Hi all .... didn't craft anything yesterday, I wasn't feeling to good. My blood sugar was high and my kidneys were bothering me. I haven't felt like that in a while. I get really shaky and feel like i can't stand not to mention my back hurts .... I have been doing really good then one day last week I forgot to take my meds and BOOM, I really paid for it .... one day of missing meds leads to days of not feeling good.

So I rested and napped all day until I had study group, I wasn't going to go, but my friends made it easy for me ....... anyways, enough about me, back to my card .... :)

So this little stamp is from Great Impressions and I love her, isn't she cute?? I used my H20's to color her in and then I used some Orange glitter from doodlebug, I love doodlebug products ... they are my fav :)

Then I used my pumpkin cuddlebug and then once again, I used some orange ink and dabbed it on the pumpkins and then I used some green ink for the leaves .... well you know me, it's homework time and then off to resting, I don't want to do to much to fast, I need to get better .... thanks for stopping by!

October 20, 2010

Hi all and Happy Wednesday! it's a beautiful day here in Northern Cali, my Dad came and got my Steffers this morning for some golf, they had a good time, then they went to Costco and got some stuffs too ... it makes me so happy that Stefani and my Dad are having fun with Golf. I think my dad is going to take her out several times a week, that's good for the both of them.

Well the card below is my creation for today, yes I'm sure you guys are getting tired of seeing Sleepy Marci, but I just love her. I used some paper that I got from Michael's (on sale) and some light purple cards stock, I'm not sure if it's bazzill or not ... it could be something that I picked up from Joanna's, they were having a moonlight madness sale, paper was 5 for a $1.00, good deal. I picked up some other things too, most everything was either 40, 50 or 60% off .... Needless to say, I got some great deals.

I used my copics on her and put some bling in the middle of some of the flowers. I just found those long lost blings, they were hiding from me for a while, I was looking for something else and found the bling, what does that mean?? I have way to much stuff and really have no business buying anything else for a while... at least that's what my friend Anthony says .... I should use up some of my inventory before I go out and buy more ...hehehehe I say Pea-shaw, I'm a cardstock hoarder, I can't not go into a store and not buy any cardstock ..... oh well - well its Wednesday and that means I have to get ready to go and intern ... hope ya'll enjoyed the card, if you like my little Marci, be sure to go and check out La La Land Crafts ...

Hope yous all have a good day! until tomorrow ... :)

October 18, 2010

Cows, Cakes and Birthdays

HI all and Happy Monday, man the weather is awesome right now, we welcomed the rain yesterday and it was awesome. I love the rain, i'm so ready for it to be here. I took my Momma around to run her errands, but then Stefani and I came home and relaxed. I was going to rent some movies, but got to lazy.

So i did some scrapbooking and it felt great. I made the card below, the stamp is from La La Land Crafts, it's she cute??

I used pink colors, Pink is my Stefani's fav color ... I used my copics to color her in and then used my nesties die cuts. I think it came out pretty good, I also used some glitter for the ruffles on her dress....

I interned tonight and it went pretty good, I really enjoy myself, I love working with the clients, I should be graduation in May with my certificate, finally! it felt like it was taking forever. I should graduate in 2012 with my AA, well that's if I don't transfer first. I'm hoping to skip the AA and go straight for the BA, but we'll see ... well gonna be a short post today, I have to get up early tomorrow, gotta drive my daddy around so he can run his errands. Night all  and thanks for stopping by!

October 11, 2010

Slumber Party :)

Hola, well it's Monday and the day is going well, Stefani is playing the Wii, I finished all my homework for this week and I was able to play in my craft room! It's a great day!

So a friend of mine asked me if I could make some invitations for her daughters slumber party, of course I said yes .... her daughters favorite colors are purple and yellow, so this is what I came up with!
 I used my nesties for the oval shapes, and of course I used my La La Land Marcie stamp. I also used some designer paper that was perfect seeing it's yellow and purple. I thought I had a stamp that said "you're invited", but if I have one, it's hiding from me, so I made a computer generated one ... I used an oval shape punch for that. Oh and I used my copics to help Marcie come to life ....

Above is the inside of the card, I used my cuttlebug for this, this is the same template that I used when I made Stefani's 21st surprise birthday announcements ....  well it's time for lunch and if my Steffers doesn't eat right at 12:30, she thinks she's starving, which is NEVER the case .... hehehehe

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!

October 10, 2010

Hi all and Happy Sunday, it's been a very lazy day .. but i'm loving it. Today was a beautiful day, the birds are still out chirping. Stefani and I watched movies all day, although I did find some time to finished my homework and process notes ... yippie!
We watched "The Blind Side" Letters From Juliet, The Jones' and I watched 30 Days from night ....

So my little card below is a stamp from La La Land Crafts, I love her, I used my copics and some glitter on her little dress and broom. It's hard to see but I used some orange and gold smoochs on the pumpkin. U also used my nesties ... I think she came out so cute!

Well i'm off, Stefani wants to make some cookies .... i'm outta here! Thanks for stopping by.

October 6, 2010

Welcome Fall

Hi all, it's Hump day Wednesday and the weather is beautiful! I'm so loving it. So I feel like I lost my crafting Mojo, I have lots of little projects that I'm working on but I'm stuck. Like my little card below, I got this great idea and used my pumpkin cuttlebug template, I took some dusty pink ink and dabbed it over the pumpkins, then I took some forest green ink and did the same thing over the vines. Then, BOOM gone, my mojo ... wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my Marci image (from LaLa Crafts) ... so I just put her together with a card that I started. It didn't come out the way I wanted her too, but I guess I'm still a crafter in progress .... hehehehehe. I do like the coloring I did though, I love my copics.

So I used my Marci stamp again, but this time I placed her on a little treat box, I have a great niece and nephew that I'm going to send them too, they love getting mail from me... I'm going to send my great nephew Noah the Frankie one I did last week ... well short post today, I have more treat baskets to make and I need to finish up a project that I'm doing for a school friend. She makes some great cakes, cupcakes and cookies, so I'm using my cricut to make her cupcakes holders.

Well, seeing it's Wednesday, I have to intern tonight, so I'll be up late making cards and treat boxes ... but I should really be working on my midterm.... yeah, no, that can wait, I have some crafting to do ... hehehehe ... well Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my stuffs! Oh yeah, before I forget, La La Crafts released 3 new stamps, go and check them out, they are so cute! I can't wait to get my little hands on them .....

October 3, 2010

Luka the Pirate

Hi all and happy Sunday! Whoo, it really cooled down today and i'm loving it. It's a cool 79 degrees with a little breeze ... yippie! I do believe that Fall is finally here ....

So today was a lazy kind of day, my daughter Stefani watched TV and played her games, while I made a few cards and cleaned the house and finished up laundry. Ok, so I didn't have much of a lazy day, but it felt like it, no pressure today .... It was a good day!

So this is Luka, he's another La La Land Crafts stamp and I'm loving him, I made a card like this using another little pirate, so I thought I would do it again to introduce little Luka! This time I used my Prima color pencils and gamsol to blend my coloring. I think it turned out pretty good.

I used some light peach bazzill cardstock and then I got three different colors of brown ink along with some white ink and sponged it across the cardstock to give it that old wooden board look .... then I took a black marker to give the plank look. I saw this look on another blog ... I can't remember whose blog I saw it on, It was so long ago .... well the weekend is ending and I still have to help Stefani with her homework, so Ta Ta for now, see ya tomorrow and thanks for stopping by!

October 2, 2010

Happy World Card Making Day!

Hi All, I'm a bit late adding this, but Happy World Card Making Day! I made this little card, it's she cute?? Her name is Marci, she's from La La Land Crafts. I used my copics on her and some of that crystal stuffs, it makes the cards look pretty cool and shinny. La La land Crafts has lots of new stamps and I'm in love with them. Hope you all enjoy her! I'll be posting more cards ....

So the card below was made by my lovely daughter Stefani, we stopped at our fav stamping store Mainley Stamping, so Stefani did the make and take. I think she did a fabulous job. She needed some help, but did most of it herself.

Well it's a short post today, I was so busy and now I'm tired, I had to get up early and take Stefani to school, then go and get her and then I went to help out a friend and now I have to help Stefani write her report and I still have my process notes for this week to write... eek, I better get going. Oh and I had my First PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) meeting this week, it was great, we are about to do some great things, I feel honored to be a part of such a great group. Have a good night and thanks for stopping by!

September 30, 2010

Cupcake kind of day

Morning ... it's a beautiful day here in Northern California .... it seems that Summer got here just in time for Fall .... how nice, we have been have a little heat wave and I'm so ready for Fall. I love it when the leaves fall and especially when the weather changes .... Ok, so today I made some cupcake holders from one of my Cricut cartridges ... Ok so i'm not the best baker or froster, but I think the holders are cute. Below is one for a Birthday, I'm actually making a lot of the cupcake holders as I have a school friend who loves to bake, she makes some amazing cupcakes and I thought she might like these....

The Pink one was my daughter Stefani's choice, she loves Pink, it's her signature color ... as she says. Stefani actually helped me this morning and made the cupcakes, they actually came out pretty good, I like mine plain, so I usually don't add frosting to the ones that i'm going to eat.

I love this little Purple flower one, I like the color combos I used .... See this is where you can see i'm not excatly a professional froster.... hehehehehe, but I tried, I was going to dress it up with some sprinkles - but I didn't have any ...

Well, as most of you know i'm in school and that means I have homework to do, so It's time to get that done, that way I don't have to do it over the weekend! Plus I have my intern process notes to finish .... grrr Well hope you enjoy my whimsy creations!

September 29, 2010

Frankie Buckets

Hi all, it's gonna be a short post today, it's way to hot and I have to get ready to go to my internship. I thought I would make a few Frankie Buckets, I added candy but had to hurry and take the picture, the candy was melting ... hehehe it's 103 today .... in other words........ HOT!

I made some Frankie cards a year or so ago and thought I would make a little treat holder for halloween! I think it came out pretty good. I had used some Rollo's candy for the bolts on the side of the box, but with the heat they kept falling off ... LOL

Below is the bucket after I took the candy out, I have a few more treat boxes to show, but i'll do it tomorrow, i'm hoping it won't be as hot ... I'm so ready for the cooler weather, this heat is killing me. well I hope you enjoy my little creation today, thanks for stopping by ....

September 26, 2010

Lazy Day!

Well the weekend is almost over, it flew by so fast. Stefani and I didn't do too much, I was feeling kind of blah! Saturday Stefani had school, Golf, then we headed up to my parents, I proceeded to use there A/C and ate their food ... hehehehe I was even so helpful and helped my Dad spend money! 

Sunday Stefani and I stayed home for a while then headed up to my Mom and dad's again, Stefani practiced chipping with my Dad in the back yard (golfing) while my mom and I went to Michaels and Target. As you see, my Mom's Pom Lucille watched and waited to seize the moment, and BOOM, she stole the ball .... hehehehe

My Mom and Dad have two pom doggies, Lucille and Louie, but they love to play, my dad calls them Heckle and Jeckle .... So funny, they see a ball and they think it's theirs. So when my Steffers and my Dad are in the back yard, the dogs get locked in the house so they can't steal the golf balls ...

 I've been working on a few projects and hope that I'll be able to give you a sneek peek tomorrow ... So Stefani cheered for Vandan High School so I thoughts I would give this little guy Vandan colors ... enjoy!

Well, Criminal Minds is on which means I have to go, i'm sure I hear Shemar Moore calling my name! LOL

September 24, 2010

Happy Friday

Hi all and Happy Friday, I know that I've gone a little crazy with the Cowgirl Anya stamp, but she's so cute!
I used my copic markers one her ... I also used my nesties and some bling. I'm in love with Anya stamps ....

So I was driving to a friends house yesterday and I couldn't believe my eyes, I watching this man push his dog out of the car and right onto the freeway. I couldn't get my phone out fast enough to take his picture, but others went after him and another guy stopped to get the dog. ohh i was so mad! How can someone do that?? so crazy!

Anyways, I have lots more Anya stamps, so be be on the look out ....:) Gotta go and get Stefani to her golf class .... check back tomorrow for another post ..... thanks for stopping by!