December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hello Friends and Merry Christmas ..... This has been on long and rough year, but I'm happy say that without my faith, I probably wouldn't have made it through... God is Good and I have to keep reminding myself that ... Even though things are not happening as fast as I want or need them too, they will happen in Gods time ... I would like to Thank all of my friends for their support and kindness and encouragement, it means the world to me.....

 I made several cards this year, the one above was the pretty easy, I used my cuttle bug and weaved the wreath. I added some little beads and ta da .... we have a Christmas Card! Hope you enjoy it!

This card was a bit more time consuming, it's a door, I added some red ink around the panels and some glitter. I also added a wreath and a little sign on the door handle. I think this one came out pretty cute!

This one was so easy, the hardest part was the weaving of the wreath .... I added some red dots and a red bow and like magic, wah la, the card is complete! Well short post today, I have lots of things to do, laundry, cleaning the house, donate some old clothes and clean the gutters out ... eek, not looking forward to that one! hehehehehe

Wishing all of my friends the warmest Holiday and a Happy New Year!

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Sarabeth said...

your cards came out adorable! i'm always afraid of playing with ribbon and weaving so go you!
how's the job??? i hope all is well and that you and the fam had nothing short of a fabulous holiday!