April 27, 2014

A New beginning

Well hello blogging world! I've been MIA for almost a year and so much as happened. My job became interesting as we had a changing of the guards, we had a change in leadership, it's crazy for the program director to leave, but our assistant program director changed as well. Needless to say, things at work have been turned up side down, not all the changes have been good either.

My daughter has been really sick and in and out of the hospital, she was diagonised with Crohns disease and has infusions every 4-6 weeks, she can't seem to get into remission. I hate watching her hurt so bad knowing there is nothing I can do about it. We have been to the ER many of times with her in such pain that it brings tears to my eyes.

I have had two knee surgeries, I'm recovering from one as I sit and type this. I had major knee surgery April 3, 2014. I had a total knee replacement. The only problem is that I feel good and want to get up and get going, but i keep forgetting that i have to wait for my right knee to catch up with me.

I'll be off work for almost three months, it's a good thing and a bad thing at the same time, I love being home, but hate being in pain.

I'm going to try and be a better blogger. I have this incrediable scrapbook room and I haven't used it in a very long time. I feel ashamed of myself. I also started beading, it's still hard for me to make cards with my knee (in a sitting postion), it's much easier to make bracelets with my leg propped up in bed.

So here I am, i'm going to make the best of this situation and try to make cards and braceletes, the biggest thingis to post them .... thats where I'm falling behind. Now that I'm nore alert and cane get around a little better here at home, my goal is to post, post and post.

So with that said, I'm off to try and make my first card in months. I did manage to make a little something for my nieces and nephews when they went to Disneyland, I'll post those so you all can have a looksy!


January 8, 2013

Christmas Gift - Bread maker

Well, I was lucky enough that Santa brough me a bread maker for Christmas, I have been making bread like crazy, but here's the funny part, I forgot to take pictures of the finished product. For some reason I cant even upload a pic of my fantastic breadmaker ... so sad.

Well with that said, I guess I'll go and try to create something, hopefully I'll be able to post it!

Well, Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by



January 2, 2013

Hello 2013

Well I'm a day late posting, but I have good reason, one I haven't created anything and another is that my daughter has been sick. But I welcome the New Year and pray that good things continue to come my way. I'm blessed that I have a good support system in my parents, I'm blessed that I still have my parents, I have a good man in my life and well although my daughter is really sick, she's a trooper and never complains. I hope all of you have a blessed New Year .... creations coming soon

Thanks for stopping by

Toni :)

December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

Well, I started this post and it self deleted, so perhaps it wasn't ment for me share the original post. So, here I go one more time, I know that I haven't been a very good blogger in a while, but for a moment, I was allowing life to run me, instead of me running my life. I plan to make some very big changes this year and one of them is to get back to blogging, it's what makes me happy. I'm happy to see the year end and excited to see what 2013 brings and what I can contribute.

Happy New Years to my friends .....

July 23, 2012

Black and White Birthday Card

Hello and Good Morning Blogger friends .... Here's a little card I made for a friends birthday. I used my cuttlebug. A friend of mine made one of these cards a few years ago, and I thought I would try and remake it. My friend Mona would have us girls over and we would go to our favorite stamp store, get something to eat and then head back to her house and start scraping! It was so much fun ...  

I hope my friend Darlene enjoyed this card .. well short post today, off to work I go ... Thanks for stoping by and see ya on my next post

July 4, 2012


Hello bloger friends (Hope I still have some left ... LOL)
I've been gone from blogging for a while, I've been so busy with school and working not to mention feeling a little down. But things are on the rise in a positive way and I'm back!

School has been stressing me out, they cancelled out summer session and it's putting me behind in graduating. So that really threw me off. And honestly, I was having a pitty party and feeling sorry for myself.

I've also been trying to work as much as I can, it's hard working part time and trying to make it... but by the grace of God, I always do.

I'm going to start creating once again, I found that when I don't create and express myself, I fall into a funk and lose my Mojo! I know we have all lost our Mojo at one time or another.

I love reading all my bloggy friends blogs, they help to keep me going. I've been lazy not to mention it's been so hot that I don't want to do anything. I made a crad for a friend of mine and hope to post it in the morning or later in the evening tomorrow night, Thanks for stopping by and the continues support!

March 20, 2012

Baby Boy Shower Favors

Hello Blogger friends .... so this isn't a very good picture, but this is the baby shower favor that I made, they match the invite below. I used the same little train and stamped a Thank you. I added a little bag of light blue and dark blue little chocolate ball candies on the inside. I think they came out pretty cute.

Well another short post, it's late and I'm working and have work stuffs to finish. Thanks for stopping by :)

February 19, 2012

It's a Boy

Hello there! it's been so long since I have posted to my blog! it's funny how time gets away from you, at times I feel like life is running me instead of me running my life! School has started and i'm taking three classes and it's wearing me out! I'm up all night trying to study, working full time and trying to be a good mother all at the same time, so my blogging has gotten away from me. It's hard to try and balance everything out. you'd think as old as I am, that I would have this all figured out .... but NOOOOO

Well needless to say, I was able to whip out this little beauty for a friends baby shower. I feel like something is missing, but i didn't want to over do the card. I think it came out pretty cute. I used Coco brown bazzill paper, some designer paper from Joanns, cream ribbon and some blue dots. I used my computer for the "its a boy", I couldn't find any cute stamps, so I did the next best thing and made it myself. I used my nesties die cutes and the stamp is from great impressions. I also used some glitter around the die cuts and used my copics to color the train. hope you enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by, until I post again! Have a great day!

Toni Marie

January 10, 2012

Hello Sunflower

Hello blogger friends, I've been working on some cards for friends not to mention Thank You notes for my niece, but the good thing is that I have a few weeks to get those done. I can't remember if I posted this card or not, so if I did, I'm sorry for the repeat, if not, then i hope you enjoy!

A friend bought me this stamp, she called it a Sunflower, however it looks more like a over sized Daisy to me. I used some white puff stuff on the vase and of coursed used my copics. I also used my new sewing thingy that I bought off of HSN. Man, really love that show but it seems like they only have the scrapbooking stuffs on in the middle of the night .....

Well I'm getting ready to start school again, it seems like I have been going forever, but I have to say I do enjoy it. I'm taking three class this semester, I was going to try and go for four classes, but it wouldn't work with my overnight work schedule. Oh well, I'll be busy enough with the three classes.

Well Hope you all are having a fantastic start to the new year, I can't complain, after all were only 10 days in .... this is going to be a great year, I can feel it .... I'm sure there will be a few bumps in the road, but I'm up for the challenge!

Thanks for stopping by and until I post again! have a blessed day :)

January 7, 2012

Baby Shower Invites

Wow, looky me, two post back to back! LOL, I have been so busy working that I lost time making cards, not to mention I have been very lazy. So I made the following cards for my sister to choose from for her daughter's baby shower. I love this cute little lamb, I think it's just right, I used my nesties and my cricut Sugar and Spice to make the lamb. I think it came out pretty cute.

 This little card was the second one I made, I used my Sugar and Spice cricut again and made the little bib and added some bling, I thought this one was cute too ....
 The one below was a bit more time consuming, this is the one my sister picked, we did some mass producing ... I cut out all the pieces one day and them my sister stopped by for 7 hours and we put them all together. I used my classic circle Nesties and I think the Sugar and Spice cricut, but I can't be sure. Anywho, we made 30 of them and now I'm going to start working on the Thank You notes so my niece can send them out right away. I have some time, her shower is in a few weeks ....

Well until I post again, thanks for stopping by!