January 10, 2012

Hello Sunflower

Hello blogger friends, I've been working on some cards for friends not to mention Thank You notes for my niece, but the good thing is that I have a few weeks to get those done. I can't remember if I posted this card or not, so if I did, I'm sorry for the repeat, if not, then i hope you enjoy!

A friend bought me this stamp, she called it a Sunflower, however it looks more like a over sized Daisy to me. I used some white puff stuff on the vase and of coursed used my copics. I also used my new sewing thingy that I bought off of HSN. Man, really love that show but it seems like they only have the scrapbooking stuffs on in the middle of the night .....

Well I'm getting ready to start school again, it seems like I have been going forever, but I have to say I do enjoy it. I'm taking three class this semester, I was going to try and go for four classes, but it wouldn't work with my overnight work schedule. Oh well, I'll be busy enough with the three classes.

Well Hope you all are having a fantastic start to the new year, I can't complain, after all were only 10 days in .... this is going to be a great year, I can feel it .... I'm sure there will be a few bumps in the road, but I'm up for the challenge!

Thanks for stopping by and until I post again! have a blessed day :)

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