January 8, 2013

Christmas Gift - Bread maker

Well, I was lucky enough that Santa brough me a bread maker for Christmas, I have been making bread like crazy, but here's the funny part, I forgot to take pictures of the finished product. For some reason I cant even upload a pic of my fantastic breadmaker ... so sad.

Well with that said, I guess I'll go and try to create something, hopefully I'll be able to post it!

Well, Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by



January 2, 2013

Hello 2013

Well I'm a day late posting, but I have good reason, one I haven't created anything and another is that my daughter has been sick. But I welcome the New Year and pray that good things continue to come my way. I'm blessed that I have a good support system in my parents, I'm blessed that I still have my parents, I have a good man in my life and well although my daughter is really sick, she's a trooper and never complains. I hope all of you have a blessed New Year .... creations coming soon

Thanks for stopping by

Toni :)