October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday I got a card from Curt, isn't it soooo spooky? I totally love it, Thanks Curt for the card, it was very thoughtful of you!

Looky what the postman brought me today .......................... dun dun dun...... my winnings from Jen over at Pieces of me. I was having a bad day today and then I got home and was surprised ... yeah me ......

Well it's Friday and I couldn't be happier, I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow, I get up a 2am during the week, so if I can sleep until 6 or 7am on the weekends, i'm a happy girl! well we finally got our first bit of rain here in Northern Cali, the roads are slick and people bumping into each other like they were in the funny papers .... some people still think they can drive 90 miles an hour in the rain ..... anywho, I better go, my little niece and nephew are on their way over and then the night begins with the getting up and down to answer the door for all the trick or treaters..... Hope you all have a good and safe night ........... Happy Halloween!

October 26, 2008

Another Lazy Sunday

Well it's Sunday and the day is almost over, I have been so busy today, I mowed the lawns, did laundry, hedged the bushes and made some cards and cooked dinner.... Whew, this ole girl is tired ...

So last night I watched that movie 1408, Have you seen it? it freaked me out, I should have watched it this morning. ** Note to self, don't watch scary movie at night ... hehehehe

I love the little monkey stamp, I bought it from Little C's, you should go and check out the website, Jen has a sale going on right now and this is the last week for 35% off .... I used some glitter for the ice cream, it's hard to see, but it's cute.

The flower stamp was a gift from a friend of mine, it's so cute, it's hard to see, but I added some bling in the middle of the flowers. enjoy

October 25, 2008

Assorted Cards

Happy Saturday - Thanks for the well wishes, I appreciate it. I know why I haven't been feeling good, I was taking some medicine for my allergies, when I let my Dr. know she said to STOP taking it ASAP! she said that I can't take that medicine while I'm using my insulin and taking my other meds, I guess they don't mix well, thus making me sick ... whew .... it's a good thing I listened to my body and didn't dismiss the way I was feeling. Anywho, enough about me, I made a few cards today that I'm sending to my adopted soldier Thomas. I'm sure he will be able to send them to his family when time permits. The Frankie card is for my Nephew, he's 4, I thought he would get a kick out of the little card, it's his size, cute and little! Here are a few of the cards:

Well it's getting late and my daughter is a calling me to come and watch some TV with her. My lovely and dearest daughter Stefani is on High School Musical restriction (LOL) right now and is dying because I won't let her go and see the movie that came out on Friday, she got herself in trouble for disrespecting and talking back me and is now trying to back pettle to do everything she can to be my best friend so she can go and see the movie. LOL ..... Ahhh I love her to pieces but some times a Mom has to do what a Mom has to do.

For those of you who don't know, my daughter is 22 but has some learning disabilites and is mentally about 11-12, so she's still at the rolling the eyes stage and right now thinks that I'm the meanest mom in the world. Ok, I really better go, she just came in and told me that she's starving and will wilt away if she doesn't get any food in her body (heaven for bid, we don't want that to happen) - she says this to me while eating a bag of chips ... hehehehe Kids!

October 22, 2008

Ants and Picnics

Hello blogger friends, I haven't been a very good blogger lately, I haven't been feeling to well. I was telling my Mom that I feel the way I felt when I was first diagnosed with diabetes and that was NOT a good feeling. I called my Dr and she said that all my blood work came back normal and that I was doing great - she hasn't got a clue as to why I'm feeling this way, she suggested it may be stress related.

So for the past few days I have been coming home from work and laying down, not to mention that I have has the worst headache! Basically, I'm a mess right now. I did manage to work on this little card, I plan to start working on some more cards to send to Pat from The Rubber Maid and send some to my adopted soldier. I might be MIA the next few days making cards. Well I better go, this ole headache is killin me, I think I'm going to go and lay down ... (:

Hope you enjoy the card .....

October 20, 2008

"Soldiers' Angels"

So I was browsing Sara's blog Everlasting Scraps and was reading about the "Soldiers Angels" program. So I went to the website she provided and decided to adopt a soldier and join the "Card Plus Team". I thought it would be a great way to give back for all that they are doing for us. I was just assigned a Soldier and can't wait to start supporting him with letters, cards and some goodies. As I read through all the information, I knew I made the right decision to become an angel. Like I mentioned, I also joined the Card Plus Team, I figured that I can make some extra cards when needed. I'm sure the soldiers will appreciate all that they receive.

October 14, 2008

Just A Note

Happy Tuesday! today was a good day, I got a lot done at work and felt pretty good about that, however on my way home, I was stuck in traffic and it took me over 2 hours to get home. There was a Funeral procession going on for a slain Richmond officer. Man there had to be at least 200+ cops in attendence. So I was sitting in my car and this lady ran up to my car knocking on the window, she scared the ba-geezes out of me ... she asked if she could use my cell phone to call her Dr. to let them know that she was not going to make it to her appointment. so let her use my phone.

Needless to say, I made it home safe and sound and ready to make cards, so here is what I created today, I used a stampendous kitty stamp and colored him with my copic markers. I used some black bazill cardstock and some designer paper, I added the "Just a Note" stamp and some bling bling to the flowers. Enjoy:)

October 6, 2008

4 More Cards

Hey all - so last night at about 11:30pm, I woke up with a great idea, so when I got home from work, I got right into my craft room and fired up my cricut and start cutting away. Here are 4 more cards that I'm sending to Pat from The Rubber Maid for "Cards4Kids". I want to make sure that I get the Halloween ones off to her in time for Halloween. I made a Frankie card and I threw in a Birthday card too.

I used the "Paper Dolls" cartridge and made the spooky little ghost and spider along with his web on the fence along with the Mummy and the little green thingy. I added some glitter on the moon to give it that extra something .... The mummy is kind of hard to see, but he's really cute!

Well I'm off to go and eat some dinner and head off to bed, hope you enjoyed my creations.

October 5, 2008

Halloween Cards for "Cards4Kids"

Ok, so here are my first set of cards that I'm sending to Pat for "Cards4Kids", I only made a few Halloween cards so I can get them out to her right away. I used my cute little SU stamps and I used my favorite napkin trick. I bought the napkins and peeled apart the layers until I was able to get the layer with the design on it. I then cut some diamond white cardstock and sprayed it with my vellum spray, placed the napkin on the cardstock and smoothed out the wrinkles and Wa Laa .... you have a napkin card ... Enjoy :)

October 2, 2008

Whooo Hoooo

Looky what I got in the mail today, Dun da da dun, my blog candy from Curt!

Whoo hoo, I love the ribbon box and the stamps and the brads! Thank you so much Curt, I love it all. I also received a Curt orginal card, isn't it lovely? I love the colors he used, thanks again!

"Cards 4 Kids"

Hello fellow bloggers -
I was reading Curt’s blog this morning and read about “Cards 4 Kids”. This peeked my curiosity so I clicked on the link provided and I found myself on Pat’s blog Rubber Maid. As I read all the info about “Cards 4 Kids” I was thinking about my own family, my cousin Monica passed from cancer and I was thinking how nice this would have been to help brighten up my aunt and uncles day to receive a card as they were losing their oldest daughter and/or for my cousin to be able to pick a card out to give to them.

Pat started “Cards 4 Kids” in her local area in the greater-Detroit area. The cards are for kids whose ages range from very young to upwards in the 20's as some of the older ones are there for cancer etc.

The cards will be used by the caregivers and parents who are staying with their children at the hospital. It's a way we can help these parents lift the spirits of these children who are going through a difficult time.

So if you are interested in helping out to put a smile on the face of someone who’s having a rough day, be sure to visit Pat’s blog for all the information, I have already contacted her and will start working on some cards to send to her.

Pat shared with me that the first card was given to a young man who is a cancer patient and unfortunately his Mom had a stroke and is now in the hospital, he was able to take a card and send it off to his Mom. How awesome is that????

I can’t wait to start making cards for these kids! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit Pats blog Rubber Maid for the specific information. Have a good day.