October 2, 2008

"Cards 4 Kids"

Hello fellow bloggers -
I was reading Curt’s blog this morning and read about “Cards 4 Kids”. This peeked my curiosity so I clicked on the link provided and I found myself on Pat’s blog Rubber Maid. As I read all the info about “Cards 4 Kids” I was thinking about my own family, my cousin Monica passed from cancer and I was thinking how nice this would have been to help brighten up my aunt and uncles day to receive a card as they were losing their oldest daughter and/or for my cousin to be able to pick a card out to give to them.

Pat started “Cards 4 Kids” in her local area in the greater-Detroit area. The cards are for kids whose ages range from very young to upwards in the 20's as some of the older ones are there for cancer etc.

The cards will be used by the caregivers and parents who are staying with their children at the hospital. It's a way we can help these parents lift the spirits of these children who are going through a difficult time.

So if you are interested in helping out to put a smile on the face of someone who’s having a rough day, be sure to visit Pat’s blog for all the information, I have already contacted her and will start working on some cards to send to her.

Pat shared with me that the first card was given to a young man who is a cancer patient and unfortunately his Mom had a stroke and is now in the hospital, he was able to take a card and send it off to his Mom. How awesome is that????

I can’t wait to start making cards for these kids! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit Pats blog Rubber Maid for the specific information. Have a good day.


Catherine said...

Thanks for posting this Toni, my daughter Toni =) will be doing this with me..have a great day!

cadnileb said...

What a great charity! :-)

BTW, I'm adding your blog to my side bar (finally adding links...haha, I'm slow...). Let me know if that's not ok...