October 22, 2008

Ants and Picnics

Hello blogger friends, I haven't been a very good blogger lately, I haven't been feeling to well. I was telling my Mom that I feel the way I felt when I was first diagnosed with diabetes and that was NOT a good feeling. I called my Dr and she said that all my blood work came back normal and that I was doing great - she hasn't got a clue as to why I'm feeling this way, she suggested it may be stress related.

So for the past few days I have been coming home from work and laying down, not to mention that I have has the worst headache! Basically, I'm a mess right now. I did manage to work on this little card, I plan to start working on some more cards to send to Pat from The Rubber Maid and send some to my adopted soldier. I might be MIA the next few days making cards. Well I better go, this ole headache is killin me, I think I'm going to go and lay down ... (:

Hope you enjoy the card .....


Sara said...

I love your card, it came out great.

Best wishes to feel well soon!


cadnileb said...

Hope you feel better soon! It sucks not feeling well... :(

But I Love the card! Super cute! Sure that your adopted soldier will love it! :-)

Catherine said...

Toni, i hope you feel better soon. Your card is too cute, i have the same stamp and love it :)