October 26, 2008

Another Lazy Sunday

Well it's Sunday and the day is almost over, I have been so busy today, I mowed the lawns, did laundry, hedged the bushes and made some cards and cooked dinner.... Whew, this ole girl is tired ...

So last night I watched that movie 1408, Have you seen it? it freaked me out, I should have watched it this morning. ** Note to self, don't watch scary movie at night ... hehehehe

I love the little monkey stamp, I bought it from Little C's, you should go and check out the website, Jen has a sale going on right now and this is the last week for 35% off .... I used some glitter for the ice cream, it's hard to see, but it's cute.

The flower stamp was a gift from a friend of mine, it's so cute, it's hard to see, but I added some bling in the middle of the flowers. enjoy


Margie said...

Your cards are always so sweet and cute :) I {heart} that lil' monkey - he reminds me of my lil' monkeys, lol!... and I love bling added onto the flowers - so pretty!

Catherine said...

Toni, both cards are too cute. No scary movies for me, night or day...LOL!

Sara said...

LOL-I've done the entire scary movie alone thing and boy did I learn my lesson lol.

Love your monkey!!!!!

Tag You're It!

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1. i love my blankies! I have 5, 1 from when I was younger and I can't give them up
2. i love to cuddlez w my hubby and pup in bed catching up on shows with our DVR
3. i love to think I can sing
4. i love SLEEPING
5. i love the smell of rain & babies feets
6. i love to pretend play with my nephews
7. i always need to make sure all the doors are closed in my apartment before going to bed, even the closet and bathroom doors- lol- I know i'm a nut.

okay i am going to tag my big sissy Margie and six scrapparific gals I have met here through blogging:

I hope everyone responds and that we can all make some new friendsies.

Hasta manana,


Jamie Martin said...

Both cards are so cute. Wow what a busy day you had, I need to rest just reading what you did!

Teri said...

I love both cards! That monkey is just so cute!