September 30, 2010

Cupcake kind of day

Morning ... it's a beautiful day here in Northern California .... it seems that Summer got here just in time for Fall .... how nice, we have been have a little heat wave and I'm so ready for Fall. I love it when the leaves fall and especially when the weather changes .... Ok, so today I made some cupcake holders from one of my Cricut cartridges ... Ok so i'm not the best baker or froster, but I think the holders are cute. Below is one for a Birthday, I'm actually making a lot of the cupcake holders as I have a school friend who loves to bake, she makes some amazing cupcakes and I thought she might like these....

The Pink one was my daughter Stefani's choice, she loves Pink, it's her signature color ... as she says. Stefani actually helped me this morning and made the cupcakes, they actually came out pretty good, I like mine plain, so I usually don't add frosting to the ones that i'm going to eat.

I love this little Purple flower one, I like the color combos I used .... See this is where you can see i'm not excatly a professional froster.... hehehehehe, but I tried, I was going to dress it up with some sprinkles - but I didn't have any ...

Well, as most of you know i'm in school and that means I have homework to do, so It's time to get that done, that way I don't have to do it over the weekend! Plus I have my intern process notes to finish .... grrr Well hope you enjoy my whimsy creations!

September 29, 2010

Frankie Buckets

Hi all, it's gonna be a short post today, it's way to hot and I have to get ready to go to my internship. I thought I would make a few Frankie Buckets, I added candy but had to hurry and take the picture, the candy was melting ... hehehe it's 103 today .... in other words........ HOT!

I made some Frankie cards a year or so ago and thought I would make a little treat holder for halloween! I think it came out pretty good. I had used some Rollo's candy for the bolts on the side of the box, but with the heat they kept falling off ... LOL

Below is the bucket after I took the candy out, I have a few more treat boxes to show, but i'll do it tomorrow, i'm hoping it won't be as hot ... I'm so ready for the cooler weather, this heat is killing me. well I hope you enjoy my little creation today, thanks for stopping by ....

September 26, 2010

Lazy Day!

Well the weekend is almost over, it flew by so fast. Stefani and I didn't do too much, I was feeling kind of blah! Saturday Stefani had school, Golf, then we headed up to my parents, I proceeded to use there A/C and ate their food ... hehehehe I was even so helpful and helped my Dad spend money! 

Sunday Stefani and I stayed home for a while then headed up to my Mom and dad's again, Stefani practiced chipping with my Dad in the back yard (golfing) while my mom and I went to Michaels and Target. As you see, my Mom's Pom Lucille watched and waited to seize the moment, and BOOM, she stole the ball .... hehehehe

My Mom and Dad have two pom doggies, Lucille and Louie, but they love to play, my dad calls them Heckle and Jeckle .... So funny, they see a ball and they think it's theirs. So when my Steffers and my Dad are in the back yard, the dogs get locked in the house so they can't steal the golf balls ...

 I've been working on a few projects and hope that I'll be able to give you a sneek peek tomorrow ... So Stefani cheered for Vandan High School so I thoughts I would give this little guy Vandan colors ... enjoy!

Well, Criminal Minds is on which means I have to go, i'm sure I hear Shemar Moore calling my name! LOL

September 24, 2010

Happy Friday

Hi all and Happy Friday, I know that I've gone a little crazy with the Cowgirl Anya stamp, but she's so cute!
I used my copic markers one her ... I also used my nesties and some bling. I'm in love with Anya stamps ....

So I was driving to a friends house yesterday and I couldn't believe my eyes, I watching this man push his dog out of the car and right onto the freeway. I couldn't get my phone out fast enough to take his picture, but others went after him and another guy stopped to get the dog. ohh i was so mad! How can someone do that?? so crazy!

Anyways, I have lots more Anya stamps, so be be on the look out ....:) Gotta go and get Stefani to her golf class .... check back tomorrow for another post ..... thanks for stopping by! 

September 22, 2010

Football and Cheerleader

OMGoodness, are these the cutest little things ever?? The little cheerleader reminds me of my Steffers when she was cheering. I used Red and Black because those were the colors when Stefani was cheering in high school.... Stefani cheered for Pop Warner for about 14 years, then in Jr. high and then in high school, she loved it... For a long time, she wanted to be a professional cheerleader ... LOL -

I used my copics on this little guy and then of course the crystal stuffs to make him shinny, I'm addicted to it .... and then of course I used some red dew drops, I love those things too :)

Now this stamp reminds me of my Steffers, black curly hair and all .... isn't she cute?? I love her. I got this stamp from a local Stamp store, it's a new artist here in town, she has a new line out, it's called La La Land Crafts .. Anyways, just thought I would pop in and share ... Thanks for stopping by and have a good day!
~ Toni

September 19, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Hey all, Happy Sunday, where the heck did the weekend go? it seemed like I went to bed Thursday night and boom woke up and it was Sunday. Had a pretty good weekend, hung out with a friend last night and slept in this morning ... NOT, my phone rang at about 7:30 this morning .... I hate that, but it got me up and ready to start the day!

So the pic below isn't all that good, for some reason, I don't take very good pictures, but i enjoyed coloring the little Sherriff and making a card out of her .... I used my copics and some crystel stuffs to make her shinny.

Oh good lord, Stefani is watching a show called Fred the Movie and it's so annoying to me, his voice is killing me .... grrr

Anyways, spent the day cleaning, mowing both front and back yards, triming the roses and edging the lawn. Made lucnh, cleaned the kitchen and the it was time to make dinner ... I got some crafty time in so that made up for all the cleaning I did.....

Well now it's time to clean the kitchen from dinner and all I can think about is Rocky Road Ice Cream .... LOL ..... I might need to make a run to Luckys and get some ice cream! Hope all of my bloggy friends are doing well, I'll be visiting you soon ....

September 17, 2010

Little Cowboys

Hi all, well the last few weeks haven't been as busy, but I started my internship and I love it. I'm interning at a rehibitation center for the mentally ill, I thought it would be scary but it's not.

I have had some time to make some cards and scrapbook some pictures, but haven't had time to post them.

Thank goodness the weather is calming down, I have to say that we had a very mild summer and i'm so thankful for that, I think we may have had a few weeks of triple digit days, but not that many.

So I used my copics on the little cowboys, I love them, I think they are so cute .... I was going to use the crystal stuff on them, but got lazy ... LOL

Well, I better go, I need to go and finish up some laundry and finish up the two birthday cards that I'm working on, I'll post a pic of them when I'm done ... thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

September 9, 2010

Are you ready for some Football?

Hi everyone, well today is going to be a busy day, getting my eyebrows waxed and getting a much needed pedicure ... yay me, but I thought I would add my little guy before I got the day started.

I used my copics and some crystal gloss on him ... isn't he cute? he's one of my Anya stamps that got ... I love the Anya stamps, they are so whimsical looking. the cheerleading paper that I used is so old, I think I got it like 8 years ago, that scrapbook store has since closed, so sad ... I got it so I could scrapbook Stefani when she was little, she cheered for the Vacaville Bengals and the colors were Black and Orange ... alas, I never used the paper ... so it came in handy for this little card.

Well it's a short post today, I have so many things to do today, but i'll be back in the next few days so you can see my newest creations! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

~ Toni

September 7, 2010


Ok, so it's been a while since I updated my little blog .... I have been so busy with school and with my internship that I forgot all about my blog-a-versary! man, I'll have to do something big seeing that I forgot.

Just want to thank all my facebook friends that sent well wishes to my daughter Stefani once they saw on my page that she hurt her knee doing yoga. She's doing so much better now and is almost ready to get back to exercising, She will be starting Beginning Golf on Friday and is very excited. My Dad is so excited too, he bought her some clubs and clothes already, he can't wait to take her out with him on the course. So while he was recooerating at my parents house, I stamped some of my new Anya stamps .... below are some of the cards that I made. Hope you enjoy my creations .... oh and thanks for stopping by!

Oh, the pics are not that great, I used my iphone (:

~ Toni