September 19, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Hey all, Happy Sunday, where the heck did the weekend go? it seemed like I went to bed Thursday night and boom woke up and it was Sunday. Had a pretty good weekend, hung out with a friend last night and slept in this morning ... NOT, my phone rang at about 7:30 this morning .... I hate that, but it got me up and ready to start the day!

So the pic below isn't all that good, for some reason, I don't take very good pictures, but i enjoyed coloring the little Sherriff and making a card out of her .... I used my copics and some crystel stuffs to make her shinny.

Oh good lord, Stefani is watching a show called Fred the Movie and it's so annoying to me, his voice is killing me .... grrr

Anyways, spent the day cleaning, mowing both front and back yards, triming the roses and edging the lawn. Made lucnh, cleaned the kitchen and the it was time to make dinner ... I got some crafty time in so that made up for all the cleaning I did.....

Well now it's time to clean the kitchen from dinner and all I can think about is Rocky Road Ice Cream .... LOL ..... I might need to make a run to Luckys and get some ice cream! Hope all of my bloggy friends are doing well, I'll be visiting you soon ....

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Marfa (Crafting Marfa) said...

That card is so cute! I need to make a few Thank You cards and have them on hand for when I need them rather than make them at the last minute.