September 24, 2010

Happy Friday

Hi all and Happy Friday, I know that I've gone a little crazy with the Cowgirl Anya stamp, but she's so cute!
I used my copic markers one her ... I also used my nesties and some bling. I'm in love with Anya stamps ....

So I was driving to a friends house yesterday and I couldn't believe my eyes, I watching this man push his dog out of the car and right onto the freeway. I couldn't get my phone out fast enough to take his picture, but others went after him and another guy stopped to get the dog. ohh i was so mad! How can someone do that?? so crazy!

Anyways, I have lots more Anya stamps, so be be on the look out ....:) Gotta go and get Stefani to her golf class .... check back tomorrow for another post ..... thanks for stopping by! 


Sarabeth said...

she is certainly adorable and i love the layout of your card!
i think it's awesome stef is taking golf lessons-how is it? does she love it? hope so :)


WhimsicalThoughts said...

Yep, Stefani loves her golf class, shes's taking it out at the college, my dad is jucied... He's gonna have a little golfing buddie.
My Dad already ordered her some custom clubs and is planning to take her out to hit a bucket of balls once tehy come in...