September 30, 2010

Cupcake kind of day

Morning ... it's a beautiful day here in Northern California .... it seems that Summer got here just in time for Fall .... how nice, we have been have a little heat wave and I'm so ready for Fall. I love it when the leaves fall and especially when the weather changes .... Ok, so today I made some cupcake holders from one of my Cricut cartridges ... Ok so i'm not the best baker or froster, but I think the holders are cute. Below is one for a Birthday, I'm actually making a lot of the cupcake holders as I have a school friend who loves to bake, she makes some amazing cupcakes and I thought she might like these....

The Pink one was my daughter Stefani's choice, she loves Pink, it's her signature color ... as she says. Stefani actually helped me this morning and made the cupcakes, they actually came out pretty good, I like mine plain, so I usually don't add frosting to the ones that i'm going to eat.

I love this little Purple flower one, I like the color combos I used .... See this is where you can see i'm not excatly a professional froster.... hehehehehe, but I tried, I was going to dress it up with some sprinkles - but I didn't have any ...

Well, as most of you know i'm in school and that means I have homework to do, so It's time to get that done, that way I don't have to do it over the weekend! Plus I have my intern process notes to finish .... grrr Well hope you enjoy my whimsy creations!


Sarabeth said...

I LOVE THEM!!!!!! What a great idea-they came out awesome :)


margie c said...

Delish!!! I'm SO hungry right now! I love my chocolate cupcakes to be plain ;) but I always load up my yellow/vanilla ones with a ton of frosting and whatever goodies are laying around! These cups are SO pretty! Love pink too! but I love those flowers! Beautiful work my friend :)
Good luck with those process notes!
hugs :*)