September 26, 2010

Lazy Day!

Well the weekend is almost over, it flew by so fast. Stefani and I didn't do too much, I was feeling kind of blah! Saturday Stefani had school, Golf, then we headed up to my parents, I proceeded to use there A/C and ate their food ... hehehehe I was even so helpful and helped my Dad spend money! 

Sunday Stefani and I stayed home for a while then headed up to my Mom and dad's again, Stefani practiced chipping with my Dad in the back yard (golfing) while my mom and I went to Michaels and Target. As you see, my Mom's Pom Lucille watched and waited to seize the moment, and BOOM, she stole the ball .... hehehehe

My Mom and Dad have two pom doggies, Lucille and Louie, but they love to play, my dad calls them Heckle and Jeckle .... So funny, they see a ball and they think it's theirs. So when my Steffers and my Dad are in the back yard, the dogs get locked in the house so they can't steal the golf balls ...

 I've been working on a few projects and hope that I'll be able to give you a sneek peek tomorrow ... So Stefani cheered for Vandan High School so I thoughts I would give this little guy Vandan colors ... enjoy!

Well, Criminal Minds is on which means I have to go, i'm sure I hear Shemar Moore calling my name! LOL


margie c said...

SO handsome!!! I don't know who or what Vandan is, but I LOVE this color combo! hee hee!
And GO Pom Poms! Get your balls! They're all your to play with ;) They're so fun and cute!
hugs to you! Enjoy Shemar ;)
~ margie

Linda said...

Hey Toni! Glad you're back creating! Your creations are great sister! BTW, didn't you just LOVE the premier of Criminal Minds?!? Love me some Shemar! Have a great week Toni! xoxo, Linda