June 22, 2010

Another Monday!

Hola .... it's been a minute since I've updated my blog ..... I've been feeling so blah lately that I haven't wanted to do anything, but I'm sure that we have all felt that way. I think I have been unemployed for toooo long and it's kind of discouraging that I can't find anything. Never the less, I made it into the scrapbook room this morning and made this little card. Isn't he cute??

It's hard to see but I used my cpoics, H20's on this card. Well Summer is here and it's about to get HOT here, I can't take the heat unless I'm near a pool, so my lovely daughter Stefani and I will be hanging out at the Waterworld on the weekends ... I can't wait! Well it's a short post today, I need to go and mow the lawn and finish up this weeks homework .... Thanks for stopping by!

~ Toni

June 7, 2010

Hang In There!

Hi all, it's Monday and i have been feeling pretty lazy the last few days. I haven't wanted to do anything ... i'm thinking that my blodd sugar is up not to mention I have a horrible toothache. Hope you guys are doing well, yesterday I needed to do some much needed cleaning, but my recliner held me hostage and I didn't get anything done.

Well, Stefani and I went bathing suit hunting, I was able to find her one, but I couldn't find me one, I have lost 96 pounds and still see the fat girl and an not happy with anything that I saw. But I need to find one, Stefani and I love to go to Waterworld during the summer, so I think i'm going to go and look for one today. Well see, Stefani is my personal cheerleader, she's so encouraging, but her answer is always, "Ohhh Mom, that looks good one you" - I think she's partical due to me being her mother, hehehe ... so the bathing suit shoping continues ...

So I made this card using my smooch paint, I love smoochs, the bottles look like nail polish, but the images look so shiney ... I love this little guy, he looks so cute just hanging around. Well thanks for stopping by, I should really call adentist about this tooth .... it's really starting to hurt.