May 28, 2010

George of the Jungle

Hey there, whoopie the semester has ended, but in a few weeks i'll be crying about summer school ... hehehe so with school out I found time to make this cute little card. it's hard to see but I used my Prima color pencils and some gamisol to even it out ... I love this little guy!

On another note, I can't believe that it's the end of May and I'm having to use an umbrella here in CALIFORNIA, what in the world? Usually it's warm/hot and i'm crying I need the AC, so crazy! Well it's a short post today, I have so many things that I want to do seeing I don't have any homework! hehehe I'm so excited! Thanks for stopping by~

~ Toni

May 18, 2010

School Project

Hey there, OMGoodness, the semester is finally over, well ok, I still have 2 more classes, but then i'm done ... for now... and boy oh boy do I ever need the rest. I'm going to take some online classes in the summer, but it shouldn't be as bad as what I'm going through now.

So for one of my classes, I had to run a mock group, so I made a took box and a referral box to help with the group, it worked out perfectly and I'm sure that I did well. So i'm pretty happy at the way to tool box turned out ... i think it's so cute!

below is the referral box, I also made some tickets with my Cricut came out so good.

Now that school is coming to an end, I feel like I can be a bit more crafty. I don't think that i'll be taking 3 classes again, i'll leave that to the young guns .... 2 will be my max ... hehehe
well thanks for stoping by!
~ Toni

May 3, 2010

Flapper ....

OMGoodness- I totally love Anya ... I just bought a ton of stamps and can't wait to create something ... I had some extra time today so I thought I would make a card real fast before heading to school. The picture is hard to see, I used my iPhone to take it, to lazy to use the camera! hehehe

I used the flapper stamp and my nestys for this one, I also used some of my copics and a glitter pin for the headband and feather. I love the sparkle affect the glitter pens give off ...

Aside from school, nothing new going on here, i have to say the weather has been good though, today it was in the high 80's ... so you know what that means, summer is on it's way .... I don't care for the heat, but as long as i'm near a pool, it can get as hot as it wants too. I'm going to get season passes to water world again this year for Stefani and myself, I'm thinking that i'll get one for my momma too. She went with us a few times last year .... it was fun!

Took my Mom to Kaiser to get her new shoes, who knew that Kaiser will pay for a pair of shoes and some lifts?? I didn't, so every year from now on, I can take my Mom to get a new pair of shoes ... she needs them due to her diabetes.

Well it's that time, time for school, so i better go, I have a test tonight that i'm SOOOOO not ready for ... thanks for stoping by, hope you enjoy my flapper girl!

~ Toni