January 13, 2011

Thank You's

Hello all .... it's this little stamp so cute? I love it, I tend to flock to the really whimsical stamps ...
I used this stamp for a few Thank You notes and get well notes I needed to
 get out. Its hard to see but I used some crystel stuffs on her to make her shinny. I swear that I'm no good at taking pictures, the card looks really good in person.

Well the new year has begun and is going well, still haning on to the words that everyone has told me, God will provide...... he's an awesome God so I know that he will never let me fall!

I have one other Christmas card that I made and never posted, I'll try and post it tomorrow ... School nis starting next week and I have to get my books, they are so expensive ... I've applied for finanical aid, and have to met with the dean within the next week, i hope i'm approved ... well thanks for stoping by, i'm off to make some dinner for my Steffers, I have to work tonight! thanks for stopping by!

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Sarabeth said...

oh my this card is just adorable! best of luck with school gf! i start the first week of february and am so nervous! i don't know how i'm going to juggle this kind of schedule with working over night lol!