January 25, 2011

Little Heart Card

Hello all
Just thought I would do a quick post, i'm getting ready to go to work .... I love the sound of that ... work! The card below was made at my favorite stamp store, actually my daughter Stefani made it while I was shoping. She had some help from one of the ladies, but Stefani did most of it herself. I think it came out pretty good!

My Steffers enjoys making cards at the stamp store, but isn't really interested in it at home. Oh well, her thing is puzzles. Well like I said, it's a short post, gotta head out! think i might head to Michaels tomorrow seeing that i'm off. Oh yeah, i've got homework to do too ... that comes first, then Michaels.... I have a Valentines day card that I made today, i'll post tomorrow.

Thanks for stoping by and visiting my blog! Hope ya'll have a great Tuesday!~ Ta Ta for now!


Sarabeth said...

what a great card!!!! i love the heart-beautiful job stef!

hope you found some good finds toni :)


Linda said...

Hey Toni! What a sweet card! Great job Stef! Take care and see you on FB! xoxo, Linda