December 8, 2010

Gone Fishing

Hello Blogging friends .... I've been gone for a bit, but i'm back .... I'm coming down to the wire with school and feeling pretty good. I'm already registered for next semester and i'm taking 3 classes ... eek, i'm nervous but i'm sure i'll do fine. It's been cold and raining here and i love it. Winter and Spring are my favorite seasons ... well on to my card

I made this little guy with a special person in mind, it's my friend Doug's birthday today (Happy Birthday Doug), he and his wife Darlene are so special to me ... I love them so much.. I have known them forever, in fact one of their daughter's Dee use to babysit my daughter Stefani ... I'm so blessed that we stayed in tough all these years. I love them dearly!

I used my copics on this little guy, I used my smoochs on the frog in the pocket, but it didn't come out the way I wanted it too, but i'm a work in progress ... hehehe I guess it was a trial in error. well, I guess I should go and work on my Christmas cards ... thanks for stopping by!

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