November 8, 2010

An Apple A Day

Hi all, thanks for stopping by. Today was a funky kind of day, you see it's been 5 years today that my Nana passed, so i was kind of in a funny mood. I know to some it may be silly that I still morn her death, but I would give anything to have her here with me. She was a strong yet caring (in her own way) person. I remember when I would drive to go and see her, she was always in her room watching TV. I knew it would be a good day when she opened this "One" special drawer! Man that drawer always had good stuffs in it, candy, cards, note pads, little bottles of soda etc ... as old as I am, I would still get excited when she would bend down to open that drawer. Man I miss that!

Then today, a friend called me and told me that his grandmother had a stroke and isn't doing to well, although she is responding to speech therapy. I wanted to cry when he was telling me this, but i held it together and just listened to him. Ok, enough of the sad sappy stuffs, I made the little card today, I thinks it's so cute!

This is my little Anya Teacher stamp, I used several different colors on her, I used my copics and some designer paper I got from one of my fav scrapbook stores .... I also used some red smoochs to color the apple, kind of gives it the glossy look. Well I hope you enjoyed my card and thanks again for stopping by!

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