October 23, 2010

Think Pink

Well it's that time of the year ... but really we should Think Pink all year long. I lost my beloved Nana in 2005 to this ugly disease, it makes me so sad, in this day and age we should have some kind of cure. So many women (and some men) fall to Breast Cancer and it devastates the family left behind!

It took me a few days to complete this card, call me sappy, but it was very emotional for me, I love and miss my Nana everyday .... so with this, I proudly walk in memory of my Nana!

I believe that one day there will be a cure, unfortunately it came to late for my Nana, but someday the cure will save someone else's Nana, mother, daughter, cousin. niece etc...... so lets Think Pink all year long .............. Thanks for stoping by


Linda said...

This is awesome Toni ~ thanks so much for sharing this with us! Hang in there and take care! xoxo, Linda

Teri said...

Love your card and tribute to your Nana.