October 18, 2010

Cows, Cakes and Birthdays

HI all and Happy Monday, man the weather is awesome right now, we welcomed the rain yesterday and it was awesome. I love the rain, i'm so ready for it to be here. I took my Momma around to run her errands, but then Stefani and I came home and relaxed. I was going to rent some movies, but got to lazy.

So i did some scrapbooking and it felt great. I made the card below, the stamp is from La La Land Crafts, it's she cute??

I used pink colors, Pink is my Stefani's fav color ... I used my copics to color her in and then used my nesties die cuts. I think it came out pretty good, I also used some glitter for the ruffles on her dress....

I interned tonight and it went pretty good, I really enjoy myself, I love working with the clients, I should be graduation in May with my certificate, finally! it felt like it was taking forever. I should graduate in 2012 with my AA, well that's if I don't transfer first. I'm hoping to skip the AA and go straight for the BA, but we'll see ... well gonna be a short post today, I have to get up early tomorrow, gotta drive my daddy around so he can run his errands. Night all  and thanks for stopping by!


margie c said...

You go girl on SO many levels!!! Glad to here that school is moving along just like you are planning it too! and this card is much to precious! I LOVE pink too! and you did a fab job with her :)

Enjoy your Cali weather :)
hugs, margie

Sarabeth said...

fabulous!!!!! i'm so excited for you-definitely go for your BA!!!! YOU CAN DO IT! i've got happy news too i'm gonna announce soon-i finally got the job :)
thanks for being such a great friend and as always for your awesome comments!

this card is too cute-love that cow!