November 12, 2011

Hello blogger friends and happy Saturday, man. I can't believe how time flies and how busy life gets. I haven't posted to my blog for a while ... I'm so embarrassed. well the little card below I made for my little cousin, she turned 2, and is so cute. I used my fav Anya stamp and it was fitting for her as she is a little princess.

I used a white doylie and use my copic sprayer and sprayed it purple. i love that copic sprayer, I think its called an air sprayer or something like that, but I love it ... it's comes in handy. I used it on an embossing template and it worked pretty good, the only thing is that i can't get the color off the template ... hehehe I'm still a work in progress .... SO aside from school, not much is going on. just working a lot of hours and still going to school. My little one, well she's 25, but always my baby, twisted her ankle and now has a stress fracture on her left foot. The kid is a trooper, she went to school and did PE for 3 days before she told me it was bothering her. She has a high pain tolerance ... she once cheered in a national cheer competition on a fractured foot! she is awesome! well it's time to go and get some house work done .... thanks for stopping by!