December 11, 2007

Disneyland Vacation

Well, I just got back from vacation. We went to Disneyland and it was great fun! My daughter had a blast. I took my mom with us for her Christmas and birthday gift. We were there for 5 days and i'm ready to go back.

I'm going to have to save LOTS of money and make that trip to Disney World! I think I walked about 20 miles the week we were there, my legs got a bit sore but I'm thinking that's due to my lack of exercising. My thought of exercising is going back and forth to starbucks .... LOL just kidding, but I do need to walk more. Maybe that will be my new years resolution...... well here are a few Pics of my daughter with some of the Disney princesses ..... (I can't believe how much Snow White looks like the one in the cartoon .... amazing)

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