January 9, 2008

Remembering Martin Luther King

Dr. Martin Luther King is my daughter's hero and has been since she was in 1st grade (she's 21 now). She has written so many papers on him and can pretty much talk your ear off and tell you anything you want to know about him. When Stefani was small and in grade school, she always had MKL day off, so we started celebrating him and I would cook a nice dinner and I would let her yack my ear off (we still celebrate/honor him to this day) , some times the conversation would turn emotional because, well becasue, that's my Steffers, she gets emotional when she is passionate about something. When she graduated from high school in 2005, I surprised her and took her to Atlanta for a week.
So last year I was going through some of my pictures and ran across some of the one that I took in Atlanta and of the MLK center. So i bought one of those Composition books and made her a book of some of the pics and of different articles. So seeing that Dr. King b-day is coming up shortly I thought I would share with you a few pages of what I created for my baby girl, i'm thinking about making one of Rosa Parks as well, she is also one of my daughters heros..... Enjoy

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