November 16, 2008

Cute Smile Stamp

Ok how cute is this stamp???? I saw it and have to have it, that little smile is so cute and makes me grin when I look at it!

Well Happy Sunday to you all and thanks for stopping by my blog! Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving?? That means that Christmas is right around the corner, where the heck did the year go??? I woke up this morning and was thinking how fast the year has gone by .... anywho, I got up with a pep in my step and got my daughter all ready and we were heading out to the Harvest Festival in Sacramento (whoo hoo, I love going there) .... Ahhh yeah, it's next weekend .... I felt so silly, I was a week early- oh well!
Have you ever done anything like that? I'm hoping that I can make it next weekend, Stefani my dear and lovely daughter is getting ALL 4 of her wisdom teeth pulled next Friday and i'm not sure if she will be up to it ..... hummm oh well!

Man the weather was so nice today, I can't believe that it's 70-80 degrees in the middle of November, what the heck? Anyways, so here's my little card, I used some black card stock with some yellow designer paper and some polk a dot ribbon. Enjoy and hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday, I have to go and get eady for bed ....


Rina said...

I love it!!!

Margie said...

Cute! Love the stamp! I wouldn't be able to resist it either :)
Cool DP too!
xo, margie

Catherine said...

this is such a cute stamp and love your card, Toni.

cadnileb said...

Aww so cute! Love your layout as well!