March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

Wow, I was thinking that I have so many friends with Birthday's in March. I have to get with it to make sure that I get them all out in time .... here is one that I made today. You would think that with me being home I would have tons of time to craft, but NOOOOO. Most of my time is spent running my daughter around and looking for a job. I had no idea that looking for a job was a full time job that I'm not getting paid for .. hehehe

So far I managed to clean my house really good and got rid of a ton of things that needed to go bye-bye, tomorrow i'm going to clean the dreaded craft room. I bought some paper racks from one of the stores that went out of business so now I have a place to store my paper. I'm a cardstock FREAK! I'm always buying cardstock. I bought 2 12x12 racks that will hold a total of 36 colors of card stock, but that's not enough room, can you believe that?? i'll still have to store some paper in some 12x12 drawers.

Well it's getting late and I have been staying up way to late so i'm heading to bed! night all, hope you enjoy the card.


Lisa Brown said...

Cute birthday card, Toni! Love the patterned paper and the colors.

Anonymous said...

Your card is adorable! WOW- can you come clean my house when you are done LOL- kidding. I guess it's something everyone dreads, but once done, you definitely feel accomplished.

Good luck job hunting!


Margie said...

OMyGosh! That sounds like a lot of paper :) I only have a couple of sheets of about 10 different colors and thought that since my 1 shelf is full, I'm good for now! lol!
... a clean house is a happy house ;)
Good luck job hunting! I hope you find what you're looking for!
xo, margie

Teri said...

pretty card! I'm so way behind in my bday card making!! Cleaning is always a good idea to get a fresh start again. I guess we all love paper huh!