May 17, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Hi all, I have been so busy, finals and writing term papers is enough to make someone crazy .. I feel like I have been out of the loop. I appreciate all of you who come back and check my blog! Well I made time to make a Birthday Card, I have lots of B-days in May and June, so I better get on the ball .....Here's a card that I made .... Hope ya'll like it:

In other BIG news, I found out that my daughter will be graduating from College next Friday! I'm so proud of her, she has over come so much, she has special needs and is mentally challanged, although she is 23, mentally she is 10-11..... While she was growing up, I taugh her to never give up and to NEVER use her disabilities as a cop-out ... and this is the result, I will have a college graduate. I think shes getting her certificate in Horticulture or something like that, so be on the look out for pics next week.
Her Uncle Chris flew in from Texas to be here, I can't express how happy and proud I am of her. She is my Hero! I think i'm going to have a big party for her in July, that way both sides of the family can make it.


Anonymous said...

Great card Toni, I love those shoes!!!

Congrats to Stefani- that really is just awesome. That just proves to everyone out there- IT CAN BE DONE! It's a beautiful thing.

Have a great week!


Margie said...

Awww, I adore those lil shoes! Beautiful card!!!

Yea!!! Congrat, Stefani! So proud of you :)
Good job to you too, Mom!!!

TFS :*)

cadnileb said...

Ph this is adorable! Those shoes are adorable! And yay to Stefanie! That's awesome!