June 24, 2009

4th of July Card

Hi all, sorry I haven't been around. Still doing the school thing and trying my hardest to keep up. Who knew that on line classes would be so hard. I didn't, that's for sure!

It's so hot today, at 11:30am it was already 88 degrees, not sure how hot it is right now, but it has to be in the high 90's. I don't like the heat, it makes me feel like I'm melting. in fact after dinner tonight, Stefani and I are going to get an ice cream at Foster Freeze.... yummm i can taste it now ....

I was at one of my favorite stamp stores yesterday and bought some more glitter markers, i shouldn't have but I really wanted them. I have no self control .. hehehe

I was so excited that the Northern Cali Sizzlin Summer Paper Chase is coming up, not sure if any of you guys participated last year, but I loved it. Stefani and I went to 11 stores and did all our make and takes. I'm so excited for this year.

My lovely daughter Stefani make the card below, it was a make and take from the stamp store, she had a great time making it. I hope you all enjoy it!


Lisa Brown said...

Stephani did a fabulous job on this card! So cute!

Belinda said...