July 16, 2009

Happy Thursday

Hey all, it's been another busy week, I haven't really had time for creating and with as hot as it's been, haven't really wanted too. Stefani (my daughter) and I have been doing so much this summer, seeing I'm not working right now. I really need to find a job ... hehehe

Of course school has to come first, but i think I'm getting the hang of this on line thing, it's still hard, but it's getting easier. I'm holding my own in my classes and so far have an "A" in both classes so I'm pretty excited and realize that all my hard work is paying off!

This month has been so busy and it's just the middle of July. We had the 4th of July and that was fun, then we had my parents 47th Wedding Anniversary and Sunday we are going to Great America. Stefani and I have been going to Water World almost every weekend and have been swimming to our hearts content.

LOL we semi got busted in bringing in our own food to water word yesterday, we bought 4 McDonalds Cheeseburgers and tried to smuggle them in, well they found 2 when they went through my bag, I had then toss them as we still had some they didn't find, so we still got to eat our McDonalds. Man food is so expensive there, It cost me $40 for Stefani and I to eat there. So crazy! any hoots, no card to post today, but I promise that I will be a better crafter!

I'm so excited, my youngest nephew who moved to L.A. last year is doing well, he works for Best Buy. He was the one that was in the Drake and Josh Christmas, anyways, he called my Mom and told her that he's going to be in a new best Buy commerical in September. I'm so proud of him.

I'm going through a lazy period right now ... well thanks for stopping by and I'll see you on your blog!


Lisa Brown said...

Hi Toni! Sounds like you are enjoying your summer! Glad your online class is going well.

Teri said...

Hi Toni! It's hot over here too! I know what you mean about spending an arm and a leg for food at these places!! Congrats on your awesome grades! Have a great weekend! hugs, Teri

Belinda said...

Hey Toni - hope you're having a good summer!