August 3, 2009

Just For You

This picture is right at the opening gate @ Great America, my nephew Marcus, his wife Cilicia is holding the purse, Stefani is in the pink outfit and then the kids, Noah and Milayla.

I'm Back!!! I finally got into my scrapbook room and made a card! Whoo Hoooo... it's been a long time. I have been so busy and lazy at the same time. LOL I think we all get that way. So yesterday we went to California's Great America park and had so much fun. I went with my Momma, my daughter Stefani, my nephew and his little family. It was the first time my baby niece and nephew had been there. It's so much fun watching it through their eyes.

My poor baby nephew Noah was so little to ride most of the ride, thank goodness for the baby section. Noah is 5 and wanted to ride everything, but that didn't happen. His sister Mikayla was able to ride some of the big rollercoasters and she LOVED it! she's growing up so fast.

I took Noah and we played some games, he beat me at both of the, I was so worried that he wasn't going to be able to get the water in the hole, that he won. So the next time we played, I lost just because I wasn't fast enough. He won 2 little bulldog stuffed animals. he was so happy!
Well I need to get back to studying, but here is the card I made this morning! Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


Margie said...

What a beautiful family!
Good to see you back :)
Adorable lil card!
TFS :*)

Jeanette said...

It sounds like the perfect family outing. I love the cute card that made. Ladybugs are a favorite of mine.


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