October 21, 2009


Hello all, i'm not sure if there is anyone still following me, but I've been a bad blogger..... I have been so busy looking for a job and with school. I forgot how much time school takes ... I can't believe that I have been out of a job for almost 10 months, it makes me so sad with I think about it ... I'm a good person, why doesn't anyone what to hire me???

Anyways, I'm going to try and a better blogger. I haven't been in my craft room in a month .. shame on me! I hope to get back into the groove of things in the next few days!

Thanks for stopping by!


margie c said...

We've missed you :*)

I'm sorry you haven't found something yet! Praying for the best for you :)

Have fun getting scrappy!!! and much luck with school too!

{{hugs}}, margie

Serendipity Stamping said...

Don't beat yourself up for not finding a job. Believe me you have plenty of company!! It is the economy, so many out of work. Just keep your chin up and keep looking! Eventually you will find something, even though it may not be want you wish to be doing. I need to leave the job I have, but not until I find something else. So hang in there and I will jump for joy for you when you finally land something.

Lisa Brown said...

Hi Toni! Great to see you back! Love your cute Halloween cards!