July 20, 2011

The Devils Handy Work

So the pics below is the Devils handy work. Life is going good and the devil sent in his wicked soliders to wreak havoc in my life, but he forgot that I'm a child of God and he will see me through anything! Ahem, devil, my heart belongs to God and nothing, and I mean nothing can change that! I will always WIN with God on my side ... GAME OVER!

On Monday night July 18th, I was stopped and getting ready to turn into the parking lot of my job and WHAM, some jackel hit me from the behind. He didn't even hit his breaks.

I have to say that Ford built a excellent car, his car is all bashed in ... What a mess .... Thank goodness I'm ok, have a samll concussion, along with neck and back pain ... but I believe that God and all of heaven was watching over me. the ambulance took me to the hospital and was there for a few hours while they did tests... so now i'm at home resting and taking it easy ... Head still hurts and i get a little dizzy still and my back is killing me, but i'm getting better every day. I continue to pray that the guy who hit me is ok, he was hurt as well.

Ok, so other than that, i'll get back to craftying soon .... thanks for stopping by and take care!

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Mr. Answers said...

If you haven't already, you better get a personal injury claim going. Also, your insurance company will probably jib you and tell you that you weren't injured all that seriously if you didn't go immediately to the hospital after the accident. For all you know, you might have damage and pain that'll surface in a few years. Good luck with your healing process.