August 27, 2007

New to blogging

Hi and thanks for stopping by, I'm new to the blogging world. My name is Toni and I have been scrapbooking for well over 9 years and was just introduced to Stamping about a year ago and I'm HOOKED! I started this blog in hope to make new friends and to share ideas. Hope you enjoy my creations :)


Jen said...

HI Toni!!!! Welcome to blogland!! This card is a-dori-able!!! I think I have that flower ribbon too. Thanks for sharing - and thanks for your email. I'll be emailing you back shortly.!!!

Once again, Welcome!!!

Hugs n' Aloha,

Anonymous said...

The card is really cute. Your friend will enjoy it! I will be looking forward to see what else you do.

Hugs, and good job


Sharon said...

This card is sooo cute!! Welcome to the world of blogging. Warning: Blogging is addicting and a blast! Thanks for the email and feel free to add me to your list. It's always fun to meet and see what creations other bloggers come up with.
Glad you had a great visit to the windy city.

Flossie's Follies said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, there are a lot of very talented and nice people out there, see Ms Jen has already been by to say hello,(she is one of them). Your card is adorable.

maiahs_momma said...

Welcome to the blogging world :)! Love the cute hedgehog :), and look forward to seeeing more cards from you.


Crafty in Calgary said...

Welcome to the bloggin' world! Looking forward to seeing more of your cute work!

Anonymous said...


This card is cute! I will add you to my link list if it's ok by you?

Jus' Mo and Jo said...

Welcome to blogland! Love your creations for your daughter's 21st birthday - awesome!

Jus' Mo