August 30, 2007


Happy Thursday, I didn't have the chance to post anything new last night, I was so busy when I got home from work not to mention it was so HOT, it was 105. The heat makes me very lazy. Not a total loss though, the mail man did bring me a package and it was my fun flock and stamps that I ordered, Whooo Hooo, I'm so excited, just in time for the long weekend. I did manage to drag this ole body out into the heat and stopped by one of my favorite scrapbook stores in town and picked up some card stock, you can never have enough card stock.. hehehe

Here is the invitation and gift box (the initial "S" on the card/gift box is for my daughters name: "Stefani") I made for my daughter's 21st b-day, I made the Posie trees, let me tell you that was no easy task, I glued all the posies on. I was trying to do all this without my DD finding out, it was a surprise Party for her. This was her cake and it was delicious. My sister made the cookies that say "21" on them and I had some Petite Fore's and some english tea cookies. The little boxes by the cake are little matchboxes. I removed the matches and replaced it with Hershey miniture candies, I wrapped paper around them and tied the ribbon on..... Her party was so much fun.


Princess Matilda said...

I love the flowers! Very clever!!

Anonymous said...


Jen said...

very cool!!! great ideas, girl!!! keep them coming! =0)

hugs n' aloha,