April 22, 2008

ATM Fraud

Hello blogger friends, I haven't been blogging for a week now due to someone getting a hold of my ATM information. I'm sad to say this isn’t a joke, a week ago Friday I received a message from my Credit Union regarding my accounts. I called the bank and told them that someone called regarding suspicious charges, I was transferred to the Fraud department. The fraud rep told me that they blocked/froze a few charges that were on my account.

She said they called me to verify whether or not I had made some charges, one was for KFC (which I made -Dinner for me and Steffers) and the other was for a Ameri SI for $29.99, I didn’t make that charge, the rep reviewed my account to see if I had ever made a charge like that (which I hadn’t, I didn’t even know what that was) and then proceeded to close my account.

She advised that someone may have gotten my account information via ATM (fraud devise) or possibly by me simply handing my VISA debt to a clerk for a purchase that I was making. Once I got off the phone with the fraud rep, I headed to the bank to get a new ATM VISA card and to file dispute papers for the charge.

The Rep told me that if I'm going to use my visa debt, make sure that i'm not using it as a ATM transaction (Ugh! I use my ATM for everything), I should always use it as a credit card transaction, this way I have to sign for my transactions. Sadly she also told me that if i'm at dinner, go with the waitress to pay the bill, she said it's not uncommon for a waitress or waiter or someone else to take a picture of your ATM VISA/credit card with there camera phone .<<<< SCARY!

Kudos to my Credit Union for acting with a sense of urgency and contacting me in a timely manner and helping to stop the fraudster!

So friends, please be aware of who’s behind you and who you are giving your card too, be aware of ALL ATM’s that my have some funny looking devices attached to them, if you think something looks funny, don’t use the ATM the Fraudster just may be watching you! Now that’s scary! Praise God that it was caught before they could empty out my checking account.

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