April 14, 2008

It's Monday! blah

Well it's Monday and the day dragged, I had so much going on at home, I barely had time to make anything and then when i finally did make something, I didn't like the way it came out. Oh well, i'll share anyways. The weather was so nice here in California, it was in the 80's this past weekend, but that changed today, it cooled down and got really windy. Wind is never good for the allergies. Well it's late and I have to go to bed, so here is my little flub of a creation. I used a round peice of chip board and used some purple crackle paint on it, you can't see the crackles very good in the pic, but it's cute, I used my copic markers on Fluffy the cat and the flowers. I actually used 3 different colors on the flowers, 2 of them were from the yellow family and then the orange that I used as a border on the flower.

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