June 19, 2008

Thinking of You!

well i haven't posted anything in a few days, i'm still not feeling to well. The meds I was taking are not working and I was put on insulin. My blood sugar is still in the 200's, but is slowly coming down. the crazy thing is tht I had to learn how to give my self the injections .... blah!

Now on to the good stuff, I'm so into the crayon resist look. I love the way the colors pop off the page. I used some Yellow and white cardstock, I stamped my image and then colored over it with a white crayon and then blotted some ink over it and wala .... I also used some green stick on gems ..... enjoy and stay cool, it's 6pm and 98 degrees!

1 comment:

cadnileb said...

Aww, hope you feel better soon! It's never fun to be sick! But man, even if you aren't feeling well, you're still creating some awesome cards!!! :-) I keep meaning to try the crayon resist method. I like the colors that you used! Super cute!