February 9, 2009

Life is Sweet

Hey there bloggers, well it's been one heck of a week, I have been so busy! Stefani and I have been working out using out Wii fit, I love that thing, we are Wii junkies ... hehehehe

I have been trying to find someone to cut down the trees in my back yard, I have 2 trees and they bug me and I want them gone .... I should be working on my school paper that's due tomorrow, but NOOOO i'm bloggin and surffin' the net.

I found this little ice cream stamp in a stamp store over the weekend, it's it cute?? well I better go, I still have to finish up my paper and type it ... I'm so behind ... enjoy the card!


Linda Barutha said...

Cute! I can relate. I keep procrastinating what I really need to get done. My dad's bday is this weekend, and I'm suppose to make this great photo album...I just keep putting it off. How much you want a bet I'll do it the day b4 the party -- up all night. That's my style:)

Joy said...

ooohhhh...that looks so yummy to eat! love the dew drops and the pretty printed ribbon. love how simple it is but so pretty. TFS!

Rina said...

Love what you did with this card Toni. I agree with Joy...love the pretty ribbon and dews.

JackieLou said...

cute card. It reminds me of those yummy soft-serve that they dip in chocolate then VOILA MAGIC the chocolate is hard hehehehe it still fascinates me whenever i get them hehehehe