February 21, 2009

Root`n Toon`n Cowgirl

Hi all, thanks for visiting my blog even when I wasn't posting much, I'm back and better than ever. I managed to make this little card yesterday. I got the stamp from a scrapbook store in Berkley, it's a cool little store. I was out and about today with my parents. We got up at 6am, went to breakfast and it the stores. We went to OSH (for my dad) and then to Target, Wal mart and Costco for foods ... I love shopping when Daddy brings his checkbook .... we had a great time today. we ended up at my parents house and ordered pizza and watched a few movies... it was a great day.

On a sad note, the last scrapbook store in my hometown went out of business, today was there last day. I have to say that I bought a TON of cardstock, I bought over 250 sheets and some other items and it only cost me $ 116 and some change. it was a fab deal, but it makes me sad that the store closed and my friends had to close their doors. They were only open for 2 years. So sad... Thank goodness I still have my fav stamp store ... hope you enjoy the card ...


~ Toni


Lisa Brown said...

What a precious card, Toni! And, glad you enjoyed your day with your family. Sorry that your scrapbook store closed :( But, sounds like you have lots of fun stuff to keep you busy for a while!

Joy said...

I know it's so sad...I had a craft store near my house that I used to go to to pick things here and there. and now I have to go to the ones by my work to get anything. I'm glad you got a great deal though. cute card too!

Jeanette said...

Hi Toni, Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Your cards are sweet. I really like the Valentine Bee image.


Teri said...

Sounds like you are all set with the papers! Love the card!