January 22, 2010

Second Post of 2010

hello all .... not sure if anyone still follows me, but here's my second post for 2010.. I'm hoping that this is my year, 2009 wasn't to kind to me ... so with that behind me, I'm hoping that this will be my year!

I read somewhere that odd years are never good for Aries', and wouldn't you know, I'm Aries! LOL - After all the trials and tribulation in 2009, I'm ready for anything!
As you all know, I have been going to school, I'm trying to get my degree in Human Services, In May 2010, I should be graduating with my certificate and then hopefully in 2011, I'll graduate with my AA. I'm really interested in helping families with children with Mental Illness. During school this past year, this area has really touched my heart and this group is often over looked and needs help.

Aside from school, I have to say that I have enjoyed my time home, but it's time to rejoin the working world. I miss the hustle and bustle of it all. I want to make new friends and have fun again, I'm such the social butterfly ... I want to have deadlines, talk with other adults and work on projects. I'm sure once I find a new job, two weeks in, I'll be crying that I need a vacation ... hehehe

Since my time off, I thought I would be in the craft room all the time, but the fact of the matter is, I was really bummed and was somewhat disappointed that I didn't have a job. I remember working and I couldn't wait to get off work to come home and craft something up .... well today is a new day, I’m going to try harder to post to my little bloggy and follow others. I guess you can say that I was somewhat depressed, but i'm done with that now. I'm only looking at the brighter things in life and will put all that energy in school and crafting.

Well now on to other things, I was in the craft room the other day and make the MLK card in honor of MLK and my daughter Stefani, she is obsessed with him .... I made the Happy Birthday card for a friend of mine, I used some white puffy stuff as the frosting ... so cool. I also used my NEW copics for the candles and I used my shimmer paint for the cake ...

Now on to the Thanks You card.... My Steffers made that one, we were at one of my favorite stamp stores (Mainely Stampin) and she did a make and take .... I hope you enjoy and sorry for the rambling!

This isn't really a good pic of all the cards, but it will have to due, I have been having issues posting so hope ya'll don't mind. well hope you are all having a good day! Thanks for stopping by!

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The Rubber Maid said...

Hi Toni,
So glad your back to posting again and I hadn't heard from you in so long I'm glad you're Ok. Keep on with the school because before you know it ...you will be through. Take care. Pat