April 23, 2010

Whoo Hoo, Yay Me!

Happy Friday everyone, well I didn't have the chance tomake any cards within the past few weeks, I have been so busy with school and my projects that I haven't spent much time in my crafty room .... blah!

Looky what I got from my good friend Dawne, she sent it to me for my birthday .... THANK YOU Dawne! I love it all!

Man, I'm happy the Spring is here, but it's really messin with my allergies! Sneezing and runny noise ... grrrrr ... but Stefani and I are still having fun ... riding bikes, walking and doing yard work.

Thank goodness the semester is almost over, I have to say that I will NOT take more than 2 classes a semester ... this semester is kicking my booty.

In other news, My Stefani needs to have TWO root canals done on Monday, she has NO idea what she's in for and I'm not telling ..... so wish me and her luck! Well thanks for stoping by ...


Dawne said...

Hi Toni!! So glad you like it. Hope you had a great birthday!!

Sara said...

awww!!!! i hope everything went well yesterday for you and Stef!!!