August 11, 2008

Peaceful Lighthouse

I saw this Great Impressions stamp in my local stamp store and had to have it, i did the best i could to recreate it but also change it up a bit. I tried using a cloud templet but it didn't turn out all that well, my sky looks like a blurry blue mess (hehe) but its all about trial and error.
I used my NEW Shimmerz paint. I used the blue for the water and the lighthouse, then I used my copics for the sand, but then i found some wood shavings and used that as part of the sand. I had some sheer wedding paper that i used and some wild leafy things. Enjoy!
Yikes, I had a toothache all weekend, my dentist office is off on Fridays so I suffered all weekend, so they fit me in this afternoon and it seems that I fracured my tooth, how you ask? by chomping on ice and popcorn .... He sealed it and it fixed it right up, so now it's a wait and see thing, but i'm feeling better already.


Curt in Carmel said...

I think you are nuts! I love your sky! It is not a mess at all! And the wood shavings - pure genius! Great job! Best, Curt

cadnileb said...

The wood shavings are such a good idea! :-) Thanks for sharing!

Glad your tooth is feeling better. Teeth pains suck!

Marie said...

I love your card! It turned out well! Thanks for stopping by, Marie.

Margie said...

Oh girl!, I love this card! It's such a great idea :)
Thanx for dropping by and commenting! I really appreciate it!