August 29, 2008

Whoo Hoo, Blog Candy!

Look at the candy blog that I got from Margie at Oh Bumble is Me! I'm so excited! Thanks Margie.
Man oh Man is it ever HOT today, I think it got to 108 a few degrees cooler than yesterday.. hehehe.
It was 110 yesterday and with that kind of weather, everyone is running their AC's, well that caused a "Rolling Blackout" which means that the PG and E (Pacific Gas and Electric) company can turn your electricity off to save energy for up to an hour.
Seeing that it was SOOOO hot and I didn't want to cook, we went to the Olive Garden to use their AC and eat, and what happened? you guessed it, a rolling blackout! so we had to leave.... DOH! I hate the heat! Come on November! I can't wait for the winter.


Sharon said...

Yipee, for you! Looks like alot of fun stuff you won. Now, to get busy using it! 108!! OMG! And I complain when it hits the 90's here. I wouldn't do so well out in your neck of the woods. Take care and stay cool!!

Catherine said...

congratulations =)