March 13, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Morning all, i was up early due to the birds chirping and the sun shining, I guess that's a good thing, but I wanted to sleep in ... oh well .... I'm going to my cousin's baby shower today, she is having a little girl after having 2 boys, so she is super excited..... so here is one of the cards that I just got done making, the shower is in 2 hours and I'm making cards and blogging ... LOL

I made this one for my Momma, she figures why should she buy cards when I can make them for her for free, and she's right! I love this little one, I think it's because all of the pink in it and the little images.....

Well, it's a really short post today seeing that i'm running late, hope you all enjoy and thanks for stopping by!
~ Toni

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nana said...

LOL!! I get what your saying about doing stuff for free (for the family) I have made ton's of stuff (for free, for the family)OH I have a baby shower can you make this... Oh I have a wedding can you make this.. (of course it's all at the last minute just like in school when we needed cookie's for the next day!) I made a full size afghan in 2 week's. It was part of a wet for the play my daughter was in. For year's I made all my Christmas gift's. As I'm sure you have too.

Happy crafting.