December 7, 2008

Christmas Wreath

Hello blogger friends, it's been a rough and tough last couple of weeks, but I know things will get better. Oh my goodness, it's so COLD, I had the PGand E man come to see what was wrong with my heater and the sad new is that I need to buy a new one ... GRRRR!!! It's been so cold, Stefani (my DD) and I have been bundling up to try and keep warm, it's hard to want to create things when you are freezing cold. I bought a portable heater from the Wal Mart, it said that it heats a room within minutes ........... LIES! it never heated my living room, so I took it to my bedroom ........ NOTHING, so I took it back and bought a Mocha from Starbucks! Hehehehe

So I'm forced to get a new heater and right before Christmas, but isn't that the way it works? anyways, I did manage to make this Christmas card. Enjoy ~

I used:
  • Red Cardstock
  • Designer Christmas Paper
  • Holly Wreath by Make an Impression
  • Copic Markers
  • Ribbon from Michaels
  • Crystal Stickles by Ranger


Sara said...

Well, I must say that I have nothing but warm wishes and prayers for you to get everything you need to get toasty ASAP!

Beautiful card, the wreath is perfect.


6 wacky women said...

Beautiful card, Toni. Love how you layered the holly leaves.

Karen x

Teri said...

What a great card! Hope you get your new heater soon! Keep warm!!

Catherine said...

LOL! you bought a Mocha from Starbucks. sorry that you're having problems with your heater, i hate being cold :(

anyway, i'm glad you posted, i miss ya :) cute card.

Curt in Carmel said...

I'm so sorry you have to go through this! However, I had to laugh at the way you told the story. . how you took the heater back and went to Starbucks! LOL Made me laugh right out loud! Best, Curt

Rina said...

Hey Toni, I'm glad your heater is back. Now...for the important things...create, create, create (hee,hee only kidding...I think!?!)

Love the cute card and happy you're back to posting.

Jamie Martin said...

Beautiful card! I hate being cold, I have a great litte heater that we got from Costco. It looks like a little satalite dish and it REALLY heats up.

cadnileb said...

Very cute! Glad that your heater's back!