December 3, 2008


Hello my fellow bloggers, I haven't been a very good blogger this past week, I have been going to some trials and tribulations and haven't had time to blog. I know that I will come out of this situation a stronger person, you know what they say: "When one door closes another one opens".... I know that with God all is possible and he promised that he will never leave us nor forsake us!

I'll be posting a card tonight (I hope) - it's so cute! It's been so cold in my house, my heater isn't working, the PG and E man is coming to fix it tonight so hopfully we will have some heat later tonight, I think it was like 36 degrees in my house this morning .... burrrrr (you know it's bad when you can see your own breath) hehehehe


Margie said...

Oh my! So sorry to hear things are not well, and I hope that you get your heat up and running soon - it's not fun seeing your breath so early in the am... BTW, love your new background :)
{big hugs}, margie

The Rubber Maid said...

Hi Toni, Yep you are right if it's not one thing it is another but your attitude is the best. Hopefully you will have the warmth by now. Yikes that's a shame. Bundle up. Pat

Rina said...

I'm so blessed by you and your sharing. I stand in the gap for you with my prayers. Know that you are not alone and both you and your daughter are in my thoughts and heart. I love you both, in Jesus!

If only I could send some of this Hawaii sun over to you. Forget the heaters (lol).

It would be a dream, to see our own breath in the morning (hee,hee). Snow in Hawaii, over my home, would be a miracle, I would love. Don't get me wrong however, I appreciate our beautiful sunshine (almost) 365 days of the year. But...we are so deprived of chilly coldness. It would be nice, once in a while (lol). be "Still" my sister because, the blessings are yet to come.

Aloha and God Bless~

Catherine said...

Someone told me this when I was going through tough times and i always make sure to pass it along to friends... "God, never gives us anything that we can't handle".

I wish you all the best :)
36, that's too cold. It feels like that here in Gilroy and yes we're almost neighbors.