February 2, 2010

~ Valentine Lovebug ~

Hey all ....
Happy Tuesday, it's a beautiful day here in Cali, the sun was out but now it looks like it's going to rain. I managed to mow the lawn and edge the grass. My Steffers pulled weeds and did the best she could to help.

In other news, I think my kidneys are inflamed, my back is killing me, not sure if I shared, but due to my diabetes and not taking good care of myself, I was diagnosed with Kidney disease. I have been taking my meds and shots so i'm not sure why my kidneys are hurting. i'm very bummed ... because it's very painful.

On to the card, I love this little guy, I use him all the time, so I hope your not tired of him! The Lovebug stamp is from Michaels, it was a dollar stamp .. well I better go, I have school tonight and I didn't read the chapter ... Opps! Thanks for stoping by and hope ya'll have a great day!


margie c said...

Hey busy girl :) I've missed you!
This is an adorable lil card! The perfect Valentine!

Hope you get to feeling better soon! Good luck with your chapter!
hugs, margie

Sara said...

how adorable toni!!!! i love that little bug :)

hope you feel better super soon!


Lisa Brown said...

Precious card, Toni!

I hope you feel better soon...take care of yourself!